Judge issues permanent injunction blocking Michigan’s abortion ban

A State Court of Claims judge ruled Wednesday that Michigan’s 1931 law banning abortion is unconstitutional and granted a permanent injunction that stops the law from being enforced for the foreseeable future.

Court of Claims Judge Elizabeth Gleicher’s injunction, a final decision in Planned Parenthood in Michigan’s case against Attorney General Dana Nessel, includes directions for Nessel to advise Michigan County prosecutors that the law has been declared unconstitutional.

Since the June 24 decision of the U.S. Supreme Court, which overturned half a century of abortion rights nationally, Michigan’s long-standing abortion ban, all cases except to save the mother’s life, will be in intense courtroom this summer. The focus of the fight is on. ,

Gleicher’s decision set off a legal showdown over whether her prohibition to enforce Michigan’s 91-year abortion ban applies to county prosecutors.

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