Inot surprising way, Johnny Depp surprised his Scandinavian fans and without prior notice was captured at an airport in Finland, country to which he arrived a few days after winning a legal battle with his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Jovial appearance

So far it is unknown if the American actor’s stay in the Nordic region is because he wants to take a break or because he will participate in the production of a film.

However, what is most striking is that his face has once again acquired a jovial look different from what was seen until a few weeks ago in court.

“To all my most precious, loyal and unwavering supporters. We have been everywhere together, we have seen everything together. We have walked the same path together. We’ve done the right thing together, all because we cared. And now, we will move forward together. You are, as always, my bosses and, once again, I have no way of thanking you, other than saying thank you. So, thank you. My love and respect, “the 59-year-old star said after the jury ruled that his ex-wife should pay him $ 8.3 million in damages.

The other side of the coin

The contradictory part of what seems to be a never-ending soap opera between the two movie stars is that while Deep went halfway around the world and even greeted some of his fans who identified him, Amber Heard was recently caught browsing through the clothing offerings at a TJ Maxx in Bridgehampton, New York.

However, when the 36-year-old realized she was being filmed she fled the place leaving behind a basket where she had already placed several items of clothing she was apparently going to buy.

According to the comments generated in social networks, Johnny Depp’s figure was so strengthened by the trial scandal that the Dior Sauvage perfume -which he promotes- was sold out in Europe and even in several cities in the United States.

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