John Abraham has been saving India one film at a time (Satyameva Jayate and its sequel, Batla House, RAW, Parmanu et al). With Attack Ready to release, the actor was asked how easy does the tag of ‘modernized patriot’ sit on his brawny shoulders. The actor cheekily suggested that it was Akshay Kumar and not him who was Bollywood’s foremost patriot on screen. The actor also shared his thoughts on the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war and lauded India’s stand in the UN.

On being called a ‘modernized patriot’ given his recent filmography, John said, “I thought that was Akshay.” He added, “For me, India’s heroism doesn’t come from waving the national flag, that’s being jingoistic. For me, what is cool about India is how in the Russia and Ukraine war, India has abstained (from voting against Russia at the UN). Why has India abstained? It is because India is smart enough to understand that their oldest ally has always been Russia. India has recognized that. For me that is heroism; India has not bowed to the pressure to vote against Russia. I am not saying I stand for war, I don’t. All I am saying is, my idea of ​​heroism is that. “

He went on to say that for him “modern heroism is showing the way India is positioned in the world’s ecosystem, but in a way that a modern person will understand why India is the greatest country.”

The actor, however, is hardly ever seen at political events or in meetings where PM Narendra Modi met Bollywood delegations. “I don’t (go), because I am apolitical. Do I understand politics? I probably understand it more than anybody, I understand everything in this country and probably in the world, because I read so much. Am I politically inclined? The answer is absolutely not. “

On being further probed if these invitations don’t add pressure, he said, “There is pressure sometimes, but I don’t succumb to it.”

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