Welcome to the NFL, rook.

New York Jets first-round receiver Garrett Wilson is learning the ropes in his first offseason as a pro wide receiver. The journey may be largely thrilling for the 21-year-old 2022 tenth overall pick out of Ohio State, but one NFL rookie tradition on its way to tackle Wilson’s bank account is the notorious rookie dinner.

Wilson had his first run-in with the NFL’s longstanding custom – which involves a team’s top draft pick taking the old guard out to expensive dinners – on an episode of The Pivot podcast, hosted by former players Ryan Clark, Fred Taylor and Channing Crowder.

During the interview, Wilson dropped the news of the upcoming rookie dinner.


“That’s going to be cool; I’m excited for that, ”Wilson commented, as the trio of hosts looked around with a shared understanding.

“It’s not going to be cool,” Clark added.

Taylor then mentioned that Wilson may get invoiced for up to $ 75,000 from the dinner, which other teams’ hazing tactics have come close to. As relayed by Yahoo Sports, the Dallas Cowboys once ran up the bill on a rookie dinner to a whopping K 64K.

The hefty fine dining fee usually comes from orders of pricey alcohol and slabs of the rarest steaks on earth that get disregarded after one bite.

Wilson tried to decline any potential for getting punked with the bill. Crowder delivered the cold reality.

“He thinks it’s his decision.”

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