A video circulating on TikTok has begun to arouse the interest of Jennifer Lopez‘s fans to discover the reason why she chose to introduce her daughter Emme Muniz using gender-neutral pronouns instead of the traditional way.

Unusual introduction

The controversy arose last Thursday, when the singer performed some of her hits at Dodger Stadium in order to entertain the sixth annual Blue Diamond Gala of the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation.

At one point during her musical number, the 52-year-old singer invited her 14-year-old daughter Emme Maribel to share the stage with her. However, to introduce her to her fans she used the pronouns “they” and “them” on numerous occasions.

“(The last time) we performed together was in a big stadium like this, and I always ask them to sing with me, but they don’t want to. So this is a very special occasion, because they’re very, very busy and booked and expensive. They cost me when they come out, but they’re worth every penny because they’re my favorite duet couple of all time. So, if I may, “mentioned the” Bronx Diva.

In this way, also daughter of salsa singer Marc Anthony, joined the show and delighted the audience singing Christina Perri’s ballad, “A Thousand Years”.

One user’s reaction

Upon noticing the unusual event, a social network user applauded the singer’s initiative, in what for him represents an act of solidarity that supports the girl for having a sexual preference different from the majority of her generation.

“‘They’ is how Emme identifies herself. This was J.Lo sharing that information. It’s beautiful to see her supporting her daughter,” she exuded.

So far, no one from Jennifer Lopez’s team has made any kind of comment to endorse or dismiss the fan’s interpretation.

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