Is Baker Mayfield’s height to blame for his passes getting batted down?

Charlotte, NC — Carolina Panthers quarterback Baker Mayfield is considered short by league standards for his position. Mayfield is listed at 6’1, but in 2018 the NFL’s combination was officially 6 feet and 5/8 inches.

But he was no less in jokes on Wednesday when asked what he could do to avoid four passes, as he did in Sunday’s 26-24 loss to the Cleveland Browns.

“Okay, bit an inverted table, stretch out, get taller… Thanks mom and dad,” Mayfield muttered.

Seriously, this is a problem.

Mayfield has batted nine passes down the line in his last two starts. He was overtaken five times by the Pittsburgh Steelers in his last start for the Browns in January before the season finale.

His 48 is the most passes batted over the line in the NFL since Cleveland was the top pick of the 2018 draft. Next is Matt Ryan of Indianapolis.

Ryan is 6’4″, so the issue may not be height in a league where the quarterback averages 6’3″.

Still, at a per-pass level, Mayfield has a 2.46 percent pass batting down mark, the second-highest rate in the league among 30 quarterbacks attempting at least 1,000 passes since 2018. The only quarterback with a high percentage in that period is 6’5″ Cam Newton at 2.56 percent.

In terms of most passes batted per game, Mayfield’s 1.04 average is the fifth-highest since 2018 behind Kirk Cousins ​​(6’3″) of Minnesota, Ryan and Kyler Murray (5’10”) of Arizona.

“When it comes to finding windows,” Mayfield said. “I know how those guys are preparing in that building [in Cleveland]How they look at the footwork, they stop and raise their hands.

“It’s also probably getting on the same page with our O-line. Putting their heads down, finding windows, because every once in a while things are going to happen and I have to find an alley.”

Coach Matt Roulette made the same suggestion ahead of Sunday’s game against the New York Giants.

“Our line had to do a good job of getting out, making sure the pocket is a really strong pocket,” he said. “It’s a big challenge this week. Baker has to do a great job of sliding, finding windows when they’re open.

“As the game progressed, we became more comfortable. One of them even happened to be naked [bootleg], We’re feeling really good about Disha Baker and Offensive Line, the relationship that’s going into their pocket together. We just need to improve technically.

Since Mayfield isn’t going to be tall, he has to.

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