If CeeDee Lamb has the season expected of him, he’ll break the bank with Cowboys

CeeDee Lamb couldn’t help but notice the receiver contract was blowing up this offseason. The Dallas Cowboys probably also juggled a few points between those deals and their third-year receiver.

Lamb is in a big place for Cowboy and himself too. He is the undisputed No. 1 receiver on the Cowboys. Almost everyone has predicted a big breakout for them. And with the market for elite receivers in the neighborhood of $25 million to $30 million a year, there are plenty of incentives.

“I am most definitely looking into this,” Lamb said of the receiver contracts for the “Open Mic Podcast” in Dallas via On3. “I’m seeing it. But I’m not really focused too much on it at the moment. But it’s crazy to see these numbers go up.”

It all aligns to lamb. Now he just has to pass. The Cowboys will be in a lot of trouble if he doesn’t.

CeeDee Lamb on the verge of stardom

Lamb went on a great offense in his first two seasons. Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup were the other two receivers. The Cowboys had Ezekiel Elliot and a stellar offensive line. Lamb was a first-round draft pick but he just had to do his job.

The accident rate is high in the NFL. Cooper was traded for the Cleveland Browns for almost nothing. Gallup is still coming back from a torn ACL. Elliot is in a troubled fall. The offensive line has been taking hits, most notably a left leg injury to Tyrone Smith that could keep him out for the rest of the season. Lamb has no choice but to play a huge role.

Lamb has been good for cowboys. In two seasons he made 153 catches, 2,037 yards and 11 touchdowns. There’s nothing wrong with that, but the Cowboys need a lot from him this season.

“I don’t think it’s a shock that he’ll get too many goals,” Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore said via SI.com. “He’s going to have a good opportunity here.”

There were stories about Lamb preparing for its big season, including he’s putting on 10 pounds, The Cowboys did nothing to reduce Lamb’s target share in the crime, which should be massive.

According to the Cowboys’ website, “I’m ready,” said Lamb. “It’s just me and my competition. It’s in my nature. That’s how we grew up playing football. I’m always up for my name.”

Their road to true stardom begins Sunday night against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a big prime-time spotlight. Will he deliver?

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver CD Lamb is ready for a big season. (Photo by Christian Peterson/Getty Images)

Lamb may get the next big WR contract

Last season, Davante Adams received $140 million over five years. Tyrek Hill received $120 million in four years. AJ Brown, whose career looks like that of the Lambs through three seasons, received $100 million over four years. Wide receivers went up in value, and at the right time for the lamb.

Lamb is 23 years old. He has a first-round draft pedigree and a Pro Bowl. He also plays for Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who takes the odd satisfaction of paying off his stars’ big contracts. If the Lambs have the big jump this season, many predict, the Cowboys will be in a tough spot, resetting the market that has already exploded to keep a young star happy. If Lamb becomes a top-five receiver this season, he won’t be seeking the only $25 million per year that Brown will earn. Lamb’s rookie deal runs through the 2024 season, but it’s a good bet he wants an extension before next season if he posts a 100-catch season.

It’s just whether Lamb graduates from a good receiver to an elite one. Goals will be there, and they have a capable quarterback in Dak Prescott. Being among the league leaders in reception, receiving yards and touchdowns is within the range of their results this season. If Dallas is going to repeat as the NFC East champs, they need him to be the centerpiece of an offense that suddenly goes very thin.

If this happens, payday will come. There are no more players in line this season than Lamb.

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