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After the 2021 season, which began slowly, improved dramatically, and then languished in a 30-point post-season loss to the Bills, the Patriots seem normal, at best. How long can coach Bill Belichick stay normal?

It’s just a question, not a prediction or an assessment that their seat may or may not heat up or will ever increase. Yes, owner Bob Kraft openly lamented in March that the Patriots haven’t won a playoff game in three years. However, it is far from ownership to consider life without Belichick, the greatest NFL coach of all time.

Fans, on the other hand, will be at least considering the possibilities as to what will happen next and when. local tv ratings were fast down to week one, as compared to last year’s average. They have been spoiled by two decades of constant controversy. Now, Pat is sliding back to the pack. Forget about withholding bills; They suddenly can’t compete with dolphins.

The Patriots generally get better as the season unfolds. It has been one of the harsh realities of the past decade, with labor-bargain practice adjustments giving Belichick fewer opportunities to get his team fully up to speed before the first week. But, clearly, other teams walk out the gates. At some point, it’s pertinent to ask why Belichick hasn’t focused on building his team in a way that allows them to perform better in the first 4-6 weeks of the season?

And, yes, it worked for most of the decade. until it didn’t. Until Tom Brady is gone. Brady’s success in Tampa has since become the ultimate bright-line comparison between quarterback and coach. Belichick, a master at finding a way to use his coaching skills to win close games, now has a team that may have a hard time keeping it close.

In the last two games that count, the Patriots have been bowled out 67-24. by two AFC former rivals, the Bills and the Dolphins.

Despite frequent questions about coaching quality and offense, the Patriots remain a bit of a favorite in Pittsburgh today. Maybe the oddsmakers know something the rest of us don’t. Maybe the Patriots will change things up today, with those 2-3 plays that went their way to Miami last week and were on their way to New England this week.

Or maybe a truly beautiful day for the Patriots. Maybe it was more Brady than Belichick. Maybe the Patriots, who endured the inevitable departure of their quarterback, will begin to contemplate the inevitable departure of their coach.

It’s a question I’ve put up with in various communications with people around the league this week. Few people think he’ll ever be asked to leave before Belichick retires. (Even if he is asked to leave, it will likely be sold as retirement.) At least one said that Kraft would never fire Belichick because Belichick “knows too much “

However, at this time a strange atmosphere is coming from the entire team. Does it come from a post-Josh McDaniels approach involving assigning offense to a pair of former Patriots assistants who were not offensive coaches, who became head coaches, former head coach turned Patriots assistants who are now offensive coaches? Does it trace Belichick’s inability to fire his sons if they are not good enough and, as a result, any and every other assistant on staff? Does it address the fact that the Bill Belichick coach can no longer address Bill Belichick’s failures? In fact GM?

Whatever the cause, the effect is something that feels decidedly un-patriotic. Today’s defeat would make the Patriots 0-2 for the first time since 2001. While that team reversed it and won the franchise’s first Super Bowl, no Tom Brady is lurking on the depth charts, waiting for their chance to take over the league. ,

Many people call the NFL What have you done for me lately? League. More precisely, it is what-you-doing-for-me-now-now-and-what-can-i-expect-you-to-do-for-me-tomorrow? The same standard Belichick always applied to his players. At what point will it be implemented?

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