How Bears plan to tweak defense against Aaron Rodgers

Don’t believe the hype that the Packers are on a downswing. Bears certainly aren’t.

The Packers only managed seven points against the Vikings in Week 1 with Alan Lazard, David Bakhtiari and Elgaton Jenkins. Aaron Rodgers struggled with the pressure on his face, and there was no reliable playmate to help him in the passing game. All three of those key offensive players are suspects for Sunday Night Football again, so fans around the world are led to believe the Bears can upset each other straight away. However, beer packers are hoping to get the best when they visit Lambeau. That’s wise, seeing Green Bay go 9–0 in the regular season when they lost in the Matt LaFleur era.

Of course, Rodgers is still Rogers, even without people like Davante Adams.

“You are facing one of the best in history,” said Alan Williams. “So when you’re facing a guy like that, he’s someone who has a ton of experience, you’re not going to trick him, you’re not going to fool him.”

This is one of the ways in which the Bears beat Trey Lance in Week 1. He had a good idea of ​​what he wanted to do in the circumstances, and was driven to make mistakes to cover up. The Bears know that Rodgers isn’t going to make similar mistakes. They also know that they may have to change some things they like, because Rodgers is such a game changer. This may involve bringing in additional defenders into the nearby crowd after not attacking at all against the 49ers.

“It’s hard to get him with four people,” Williams said. “So you have to apply pressure and you fill the holes so he can’t escape.”

Rodgers isn’t known for his flamboyant skills, but he is one of the best at escaping the pass crowd and getting yards with his feet when needed.

“I think he has a good presence in his pocket,” said Matt Eberfluss. “I think he runs where he needs to.”

Even though the Bears may add some blitz to their repertoire on Sunday, they don’t want to stray too far from their pillars.

“There’s a delicate balance there with trying to do too much,” Eberfluss said. “We’re not a team that does a lot. We want to stick to the fundamentals and be able to play fast, but you definitely have to sprinkle things in there.

The Bears also don’t want to focus too much on Rodgers. He certainly demands serious attention, but the Packers also include two talented running backs in Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon, who average 9.5 yards per touch and 6.1 yards per touch, respectively. If the bears focus too much on Rodgers, they make themselves susceptible to falling to the ground.

“You have to choose your poison,” Williams said. “With their group I want to play with 12 but they won’t let us. So yeah, we’ll have to figure that out.”

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