“He’s Willing to Like Almost Die of Starvation” – Christian Bale Gets Commended by Joe Rogan for His Dedication

who is sick is praised Christian Bale For his role in the Batman trilogy in the past. And any loyal follower of JRE would see the 55-year-old once again cheering the dedicated star. In a conversation on the Spotify show The Joe Rogan Experience episode #1871, with a veteran Hollywood filmmaker who has been behind films like “Batman”, “Superman Returns” and many more, Rogan described Bell’s sheer commitment to his roles. spoke about.


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While Jon Peters said Michael Keaton The best Batman ever to grace the screen, Rogan had another favorite he shone on.


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Joe Rogan Praises Christian Bale’s Commitment

mma The analyst often takes the time to uncover other people’s work that he or she enjoys. Also, being involved in an industry where weight management is a big factor, some of Christian Bale’s appearances attracted the JRE host.

After Peters described Keaton as his favorite Batman, Rogan said, “Christian Bale is a very good Batman too… The man was willing to do things that most people aren’t willing to do, like he’s ready to be fat; he’s almost willing to die of starvation.” Is.”

PASADENA, CA – MARCH 15: Comedian Joe Rogan performs during his appearance at The Ice House Comedy Club on March 15, 2019 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images)

BJJ and Taekwondo black belt holder continued, “If you look at The Machinist, which isn’t the best movie, but what’s interesting about the movie is just Christian Bale. He’s basically a skeleton … and six months later he’s Batman, Jacked up.”

According to Men’s Health, the Batman trilogy star lost 25 kilos in a span of just 4 months. During this time his daily diet consisted of a black coffee, an apple and a tin of tuna.

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Since losing weight is an important sport in Rogan’s area of ​​expertise, ie MMA. Veteran commentator said Khamzat Chimaev On the spot right after his victory at UFC 279.

UFC commentator Khamzat Chimaev. asked for an answer from

The over 2 decade old UFC announcer doesn’t shy away from asking tough questions. And while ‘Borz’ was ninth after his impressive win at the UFC 279 co-main event, Rogan brought him down with a burning question that was on the heads of all MMA fans.


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“You came into this fight very overweight. What was that all about?” Rogan asked.

“I don’t care about that sh**,” Sweden tried to dodge the question. But the ‘professional fan’ wanted to know the root of the massive weight omission that shuffled the entire card.

“I know you don’t care now, but if you want to compete for the welterweight title, it’s important that they know you can make 170 lbs.” Said a fierce Rogan.


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Chimaev said doctors stopped him from losing weight. His coach, however, opposed the involvement of ‘doctors’.

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