Here’s What’s Happening With Backlash Surrounding “Queer Eye” Stars Jonathan Van Ness And Antoni Porowski’s New Collaboration

For context, earlier this week, Antoine and JVN both started posting about becoming “partners” on social media – Antoine wrote, “Some personal news ️ After years of joking about it, We’re finally together. Here’s to giving things a shot 🙂 More tomorrow.”

JVN added on her Instagram, “We are finally together ️ Details tomorrow, but know we are so happy and feeling supported by the people around us.”

Even JVN and Antoine’s joint joke-couples posted, “And to think it all started as a joke. Glad to report that we are finally as partners.” are together – this time for real 🙂 and tomorrow.”

While there were some raised eyebrows as to whether the partnership was as romantic as implied, any speculation was confirmed when JVN and Antoine posted un-cropped versions of the photos – featuring them for their new pet food mix-in company. Revealed to be a promo image, yammers.

From the jump, JVN added in the comments, “Hope you’re not too sad, we were smart enough to announce this baby we’ve been working on for years!”

@antoni @jvn @Yummerspets Who knew queer batting was such a good marketing ploy! It’s important to remember that rainbow capitalism isn’t just for brands and straight people.

Twitter: @kykrebs

And others, with real upset:

@antoni @jvn @Yummerspets I’m really crazy about it. You all shocked many people around you who were very sincerely happy for you and wished you well.

Twitter: @NickBGiles

As the negative reactions started pouring in, he replied to a now-deleted comment by saying, “[We] Wanted to build some fun, splash buzz around it. I’m happily married and I thought most people would get the joke.”

He further tweeted, “Seeing Fox crazy about two queer people joking about launching the biz, the same critics who have nothing to say about the weird issues affecting queer people. Trans Don’t say Bill, Dobbs’s overturning, Threat to marriage equality… but yeah go crazy about pet food.”

Watching Fox go crazy about two different people joking about starting a biz are the same critics who have nothing to say about the weird issues affecting queer people. Say no to the trans bill, the overturning of Dobbs, the threat to marriage equality… but yes be crazy about pet food. I

Twitter: @jvn

Which inspired further discussion:

@jvn The message here is worse than that horrible stereotype joke you used to make headlines promoting your business so you can make money. But of course, throw the trans bill here so you look altruistic

Twitter: @nikostratis

@jvn you 2 getting rich from a branding deal has nothing to do with those bills or the lives of gay people, whatever they really affect and neither do you queen of politicians, hence the virtue sign Do not try to add anything to the world other than sponsored content

Twitter: @beaniedebussy

@jvn it’s not that deep, the joke wasn’t funny and weird guys are just a tougher audience than sisht target moms who are intended for your normal antics. which one is fine? Get your money, but don’t scream when a little falls out with us.

Twitter: @thesarhyork

Antoine hasn’t replied yet.

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