New York City is known for one thing or two, like tall buildings, bright lights. But also, the city is known for its attitude.

This reputation hasn’t come out of nowhere. It’s been portrayed in movies for decades.

What You Need To Know

  • New York has surveyed as the rudest city in America in recent years
  • A psychologist in New York City says all negative emotions can lead to more aggression
  • He adds it would make sense there would be more comments made due to stress from the last few years

And back in 1774, John Adams wrote in his diary that he has “not seen one real Gentleman, one well bred Man since [he] came to [New York City]. “

Meanwhile in the 21st Century, some polls have New York City rated the rudest place in America. Some New Yorkers believe it has been getting worse, since the pandemic began.

“My guess is people’s behavior has changed,” said Dr. J. Ryan Fuller, a psychologist in New York City and the executive director of New York Behavioral Health.

He said the isolation and stress from the last few years can take a toll and lead to ruder behavior.

“Any negative emotion puts you at greater risk for being aggressive afterward,” Fuller said.

So maybe a little positivity can do a lot of good.

NY1 does profile these kinds of people in the city through the segment New Yorker of the Week.

And some tourists we don’t meet get the reputation of New Yorkers becoming ruder.

“You guys are just efficient and have stuff to do. That doesn’t mean you’re rude, “said one tourist, Paris, visiting from North Carolina.

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