Harry Will Be ‘Exiled’ by ‘Ruthless’ King Charles: Sources

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Prince Harry faces a life of permanent “exile”, with King Charles plotting to follow the playbook drawn up by the royals as he overcame the crisis created by Edward VIII, the king who abdicated in 1936. and was bound to live out the rest of his life. Outside the UK, The Daily Beast understands.

A friend of The Daily Beast told The Daily Beast: “The royals handled the abdication crisis by exiling Edward, which meant that he and Wallis would eventually become unimportant, misguided, treacherous and even unimportant to the British people as a whole. That looked like treacherous persons. It was an excellent operation, in the service of which, in particular, the Queen Mother worked tirelessly.

“The same is already happening with Harry and Meghan, and the reign of King Charles will only gain momentum over the next few years. And certainly a wayward second son compares a sly king to the fabric of the monarchy. There is little more than a threat to existence in the

Another source, a former Buckingham Palace employee, told The Daily Beast that King Charles’s accession statement, in which he encouraged his son and Meghan to “continue to build their lives abroad”, was an unquestionable The message was not to disrupt their rule. frequent trips to the UK

“Harry and Meghan will receive an invitation to the coronation, but they will be sitting firmly in the cheap seats with Beatrice and Eugenie as they were at the funeral. That will be it. Charles will be brutal when it comes to defending the Crown, and This means keeping Harry and Meghan as far from their center of gravity as possible,” the former employee told The Daily Beast.

After the news revelation, reported by Sunday Thursday night, when Harry declined Charles’ offer to have dinner at Balmoral following the death of Queen Elizabeth, after Charles forbade Meghan to join Harry at Balmoral.

Instead of joining Charles, Camilla, and William for dinner at Charles’ home in the Balmoral estate, Birkhall, Harry remained at Balmoral Castle with Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, and wife Sophie.

A source said: “Harry was so busy bringing Meghan to Balmoral and sailing with his family that he missed the flight. Charles would have had an open invitation to Harry to dine with him whenever he was in the country. But Harry was so angry that he refused to eat with his father and brother. It was a massive swindle. And he got out as quickly as possible to catch the first commercial flight from Balmoral to London.”

Although it was the couple who made the decision to move and stay in the US, they have carved out a transcontinental role for themselves. As he said, in his first departure announcement, “we now plan to balance our time between the United Kingdom and North America.”

They were equally open about their desire to continue to “represent” the monarchy while still being able to earn their own money.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Prince William and Kate Middleton walk behind the coffin as they arrive at the Palace of Westminster following the lay-in state procession of Queen Elizabeth II on September 14, 2022 in London.

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The plan was rejected by the Queen at the so-called Sandringham summit, where the couple were told they could have no role in public life as part-time royals.

A statement from the palace at the time said the Queen had told the couple that “it is not possible to continue with the responsibilities and duties that come with a life of public service by stepping away from the work of the Royal Family.”

In response, Harry and Meghan basically said, “Oh yes we can,” issuing a statement saying: “We can all live a life of service. Service is universal.”

While the Queen did not order him to stay abroad, as far as is known, the closure of travel due to the pandemic, which affected the world just weeks after leaving the Royal Family, and the birth of baby Lillibet inevitably raised questions. erected. Two of them have been traveling back and forth to the UK for years.

little wonder that vanity fair Katie Nicholl, in her new book the new royalsWilliam and Kate say William and Kate felt “relieved” when Harry and Meghan announced their decision to move to the US, as they felt “the drama was gone.”

Although it is widely believed that he has given up on the idea of ​​playing an important role in British public life, this is not correct. Indeed, Harry has made it abundantly clear in legal action against the British government, demanding automatic police protection in Britain, that he still sees the UK as his home and wants to work here.

In a submission made in January of this year, Harry’s legal team said: “The UK will always be Prince Harry’s home and a country in which he wants his wife and children to be safe. With the lack of police protection, a personal The risk is huge.”

At a February court hearing, Harry’s barrister said: “It goes without saying that he wants to come back to see family and friends and continue to support the charity that is very close to his heart.” “

Charles is likely to get chills at the thought of Harry making a public appearance every few weeks.

So while the decision about Harry’s safety is, strictly speaking, a matter for the courts, it’s probably safest to dismiss the establishment pulling any strings to get Harry what he wants.

Charles’ advisers will be mindful of the fact that when Harry and Meghan moved to the UK earlier this month, they announced that the four-day whirlwind tour was to support charities “close to their hearts” (that phrase again) ) it completely dominated the royal newsfeed until the last days.

That visit became the subject of intense irritation at the palace, with insiders angered by the couple’s actions that seemed indistinguishable from their former royal duties.

Then, of course, the Queen died, meaning the four-day excursion became an epic two-week-plus—the couple finally flew home to their kids on Tuesday, September 20, page six Reported, after coming, it is believed, on Sunday, September 4.

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Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, Prince William and Meghan Markle arrive at the Long Walk at Windsor Castle to see flowers and tribute to the Queen in Windsor, England on September 10, 2022.

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A reasonable explanation of Harry’s treatment in the days following the Queen’s death and at her funeral is that it was part of a strategy to remove the importance of Harry, making him “Prince Harry, sixth in line” in the public eye. to prevent from. Throne” to “Prince Harry, the minor, non-functioning royal who resides overseas.”

If Harry and Meghan, through charitable commitments, sought to blur the lines between their current identities as private citizens and their former identities as royals, the past two weeks have seen the palace re-sharp them. Provided an unprecedented opportunity to provide relief.

The most obvious example of this was in the seating arrangement at the Queen’s funeral, which, outrageously, denied Harry a front row seat in favor of his cousins ​​Peter and Zara Phillips. Palace sources have insisted that the seating decision was made purely in order of age and that there was “no snub” involved.

Harry’s expression and his reluctance to sing “God Save the King” suggested that he saw things otherwise, understanding full well that the king’s second son would be second in favor of his cousins ​​based on his age. Had to be placed in, if not a thug, is certainly a major recalculation of the imperial Peking Order, which has traditionally been privileged over the order of preference.

It was only one last reminder of Harry’s new low, outlandish status. The tone was set on the day of the Queen’s death when no seat was found for Harry on the military jet, which had informed William, Andrew and Edward of the Queen’s death in Scotland, giving Harry a private chartered prop plane instead. was forced to take A civilian airport, Luton, is more than an hour away from London, and her grandmother’s death is being reported, which was widely reported around the world.

either after not being invited to dine with Charles, or—as Sunday Reports—denying it, Harry left Balmoral early to go home on a scheduled BA service. He was later ordered not to wear the uniform to any formal event, before Charles highlighted the fact that it was entirely in his gift that he was allowed to wear the uniform, if he so in mind, ordered Harry to wear the uniform under his watch. Queen.

,There is genuine nervousness about the effect his memoir – now believed to have been delayed in the wake of the Queen’s death, but not confirmed – could have on the King.,

Meghan’s inflammatory interview sparked anger ahead of Queen’s death deduction In which she threatened to reveal more secrets about her time in the royal family.

However, there is a belief in the palace that Meghan’s attacks on the monarchy may be downplayed and they are failing to make the cut. It appears that the all-important British audience has largely decided that he is not credible, mainly due to the fact that he has made some bizarre claims in interviews, such as his inexplicable remarks to free Nelson Mandela. The marriage comparison, which the British media then jumped to, and forensically made a great deal of separation.

Harry represents an entirely different level of danger. There is genuine nervousness about the effect his memoir – which is now believed to have been delayed in the wake of the Queen’s death but has not been confirmed – could have on the king if he decides to launch a serious attack on Charles, What many insiders fear will happen.

One explanation for the persistent message over the past two weeks that Harry is now out of the royal club, and so are his offspring, may be to undermine Harry’s status as the final insider before the book comes out. .

When contacted by The Daily Beast, Prince Charles’ office declined to comment on the claims made in this article.

Although on a personal level, there is no reason to doubt that the informal line of the palace that Charles loves Harry and wants nothing more than to reconcile with his son, the personal is now Charles’ top priority. The latter will come in second place; Protection of the crown.

Harry and Meghan are one big distraction the royal family doesn’t need. Charles wants to put them out of sight and out of mind. So, if Harry and Meghan are safely on the other side of the world—forever, amen, he might feel far more comfortable.

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