Harbaugh: Lamar ‘locked in’ amid contract talks

OWINGS MILLS, MD — Less than a week before the season opener, quarterback Lamar Jackson was throwing a pass for the Baltimore Ravens on the practice field on Monday, showing once again what he’s looking forward to playing for the Ravens this season. is focused, despite no contract extension.

After Monday’s practice, Ravens coach John Harbaugh was asked if there had ever been talk that Jackson would and would not play this season without a new deal.

“No,” Harbaugh said before adding, “Lamar has said he’s focused on the season, he’s under contract and will have the best season ever. He’s hoping to get a new contract and we’re going to get him.” Looking forward to getting. New contract. Everything else is business. There’s nothing more to do than come to something that is mutually agreed upon.”

Jackson missed a voluntary workout this spring for the first time in his five-year career, but the former NFL MVP reported in time for training camp and didn’t miss a practice all summer.

Harbaugh is unaware whether talks between the Ravens and Jackson have been suspended. Last month, Jackson said that Week 1 would be the cutoff point in talks by the end of the regular season.

“I don’t have any updates,” Harbaugh said. “My conversations with Lamar have been all football. He’s focused on him on and off from a football point of view, 100 percent.”

Jackson is one of the few players in the NFL without an agent and represents himself. He is expected to speak to reporters on Wednesday.

Neither Jackson nor Ravens officials indicated any animosity in the conversation, which is why Harbaugh said you don’t hear about “conflicting reports.”

“He’s looking forward to getting a new contract; we’re looking forward to getting him a new contract,” Harbaugh said. “But everything else is business. There’s nothing like coming to something that is mutually agreed upon. That’s how all these deals are done. So, obviously, I’m very hopeful, and I know that everyone is really hopeful of make it happen.”

In March, Deshan Watson re-established the quarterback market when he signed a record-setting five-year, $230 million fully guaranteed contract. Shortly after, Ravens owner Steve Biscotti admitted that Watson’s deal complicates future negotiations with the quarterback.

Two franchise quarterbacks who have recently signed deals — Kyler Murray and Russell Wilson — both received less guaranteed money than Watson. Murray received $189.5 million in guarantees in July, and Wilson received $165 million on Thursday.

Jackson is playing on his fifth-year option, which will pay him $23.016 million this season. If the sides don’t reach a new deal by next March, Baltimore will have to put up a franchise tag to keep Jackson from becoming a free agent. Jackson will receive $45 million under the exclusive tag.

“Having him around here and having him in the locker room, he is calm, calm and collected,” said offensive tackle Morgan Moses about how Jackson handled contract negotiations. “There’s no better feeling than seeing that your quarterback comes out every day and is ready to work.”

Along with Jackson, the Ravens have high hopes of entering the season. Outside linebacker Justin Houston also guaranteed a Super Bowl victory.

“I’m a big believer, the power of the tongue speaks life and death,” said Houston, who is starting his 12th NFL season. “So, we’re going to get that ring this year. I’m tired of the hope and desire that we’re going to get it. I’m going to speak it into existence.”

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