Guardians of the Galaxy Director James Gunn Is Getting Tired of ‘Invisible Drax’ Jokes

James Gunn has contributed a lot of jokes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but a Guardians of the Galaxy gag is starting to get in his veins.

James Gunn is responsible for the funniest moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but a flood of references from fans has led him to regret one. Guardians of the Galaxy prank.

Gunn recently took to Twitter to mourn the incessant references his fans were making. One joke in particular, showing Drax declaring that “I have so incredibly mastered the ability to stand still that I become invisible to the eye,” irked Gunn. Is. He says that the jokes have become more constant and more annoying since he began working with John Cena, whose WWE entry theme includes the now-infamous line “You can’t see me, it’s my time now.” is.” Gunn says that after hearing the same joke so many times he “almost regretted making a joke.”

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Gunn is known for both writing and directing in the MCU Guardians of the Galaxy movies, but the joke of Drax’s invisibility actually comes from a different project entirely. appears in the scene Avengers: Infinity War, which was written by Christopher Marcus and Stephen McFeely. In an effort to maintain a sense of coherence with previous MCU entries, Gunn contributed dialogue for the Guardians, who play a major role in the film.

Gunn’s association with Cena, which apparently has soured his relationship with him. infinity war Joke, starting with 2021 suicide squad, That film, the sequel to the 2016 critically scandalous (and soft reboot) suicide squad, portrayed Cena as the Peacemaker, a DC character who often crosses the line between hero and villain. Like his comics counterpart, Cena’s Peacemaker has appeared as an antagonist alternating between traditional good and evil. suicide squad But starring as the protagonist of his own spinoff series, peacemakerAlso written by Gunn.

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The jittery jokes aren’t enough to keep Gunn away from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The writer-director will return to writing and directing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3But before that, he’ll raise his head Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special for Disney+. Gunn has said that he’s not sure whether he’ll stay with Marvel or DC after those projects.

Both Guardians of the Galaxy movies and Avengers: Infinity War Available on Disney+. suicide squad And peacemaker Streaming on HBO Max.

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