Giants vs. Titans: Preview, predictions, what to watch for

An inside look at Sunday’s Giants-Titans Week 1 matchup in Nashville, Tenn.

marquee matchup

Titans DT Jeffrey Simmons vs Giants Inner Offensive Line

The rebuilding group consists of Mark Glowinsky on the right guard, John Feliciano in the center and Ben Bredesson or rookie Josh Ejudu on the left guard. Simmons was the No. 19-overall pick in the 2019 draft and scored his first Pro Bowl last season after achieving career highs in sacks (8.5) and tackles (54).

Glowinsky has 74 NFL starts on his resume and Feliciano has 39, so he has plenty of experience using tricks of the trade to keep Simmons out of the backfield. Another Titans defensive lineman, Deniso Autry, had nine sacks and a team-high 18 quarterback hits in 2021, making it a rough start for the Giants’ inner group.

Jeffrey Simmons and John Feliciano
Getty Images; Corey Sipkin

Paul’s Choice

Can the Giants survive their late summer tradition of being 0-1? His schedule is more than fair, but no one has done Brian Dabol any favors with this tough opener on the road against the 2021 No. 1 seed in the AFC playoffs. The offense is healthy and with Daniel Jones on the field as their playmaker. Let’s see what this facelift looks like and can it garner enough points. And let’s see if anyone can tackle Derrick Henry.

Titans 27, Giants 20

four ascents

Home Run Hitter: For a giant, Derrick Henry can go the distance. Since 2018, he has had nine rushing touchdowns for 50 or more yards, the most in the NFL. Care to guess who’s second on that list? Why, it’s Saxon Barkley, with six rushing touchdowns for 50 or more yards. Brown’s Nick Chubb is third with five.

Henry did it in 55 games (815 rush attempts). Barkley did it in 44 games (659 attempts) and Chub did it in 58 (908 attempts). It’s easy to forget what a big game Barkley was when he was perfectly healthy. He is completely fit to start his fifth season with the Giants.

new role: For pay-limit reasons, the release of James Bradberry made Adori Jackson the No. 1 cover man on a defense that is unproven everywhere at the cornerback. The Titans’ 2017 first-round pick faces his former team for the first time, and faces a modified wide receivers group featuring veteran Robert Woods (acquired in a trade with the Rams) and rookie Treylon Burks, who is ranked No. 18- is taken with. Overall pick out from Arkansas. For the Giants, it is important for Jackson to play a top-tier corner at this position looking at the depth charts.

“Watching them, it would be fun to cut it out with them,” Jackson said of his former Titans teammates. “Maybe get the jersey after a game or two so it’s good.”

to run: Despite Henry playing just eight games, first and -10, the Titans ran the ball an NFL-high 61.5 percent of the time in 2021. The field is where they want to be, which is why the surprise release of Giants inside linebacker Blake Martinez is sure to be felt in this game. Tae Crowder returns as a starter, possibly alongside Austin Calitro, who defines the term “Journeyman”. He didn’t kick out Villanova, and the Giants are his ninth separate NFL team and his 11th separate NFL stop. He has played 47 games and started nine of them – none with the Jaguars since 2019.

“I certainly look forward to looking forward to this opportunity to return,” said Callitro. “I knew I could do it. It was just a matter of getting a coach and a front office that believed in me. I found that here.”

committing a crime: The last time the Giants took the field in a game, they were finishing a run of some of the worst offensive football in franchise history – a six-week slog to end the 2021 season in which they averaged more than nine points. . a game.

The decision-makers on the offense – Dabol and coordinator and play-caller Mike Kafka – are here to make sure the product has been greatly improved. Creativity has replaced prophecy, and that should be good for Kadarius Tony, who struggled through a mostly hopeless rookie year. Look to second-round rookie VanDell Robinson to benefit from a system that has a history of freeing core weapons.

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