Take this with a grain of salt.

Mayor Eric Adams on Tuesday defended public school lunches after many students spoke out about the less-than-appetizing meals – claiming those complaining just aren’t used to “healthy” food.

During a press conference, Adams placed the blame on a few “loud” opponents of nutritious school lunches.

“We cannot be afraid to allow those people who are the loudest and say we should not be giving our children healthy food,” he told reporters.

Adams referenced an Instagram account that’s been documenting the foul fare served up at a Queens high school – and said New Yorkers should instead focus on the damage caused by unhealthy foods.

“How about them doing an Instagram of how our children are dying? How about looking at what food is actually doing to our children? ” he said.

“We have to ignore the noise and stay focused on the mission.”

The mayor insisted that students will get accustomed to the more nutritious options that he says are now being offered at Big Apple public schools.

“The first wave, people are going to say, ‘Okay, I’m not getting my taste buds,’ because you’re making a transformation in your taste buds,” Adams said. “We’re going to learn with these tests and with our children, we shouldn’t be leaning into that Instagram… of those small number of people who are the loudest.”

Mayor Eric Adams claimed that those complaining about school lunches just aren’t used to “healthy” food.
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The comments could be hard to swallow for school kids who tested before the City Council last week about unsavory provisions that have left some of them throwing out their lunches.

“I’ve been served stale waffles during breakfast and barely cooked chicken nuggets and fries,” said one student.

Adams, a healthy-eating advocate and inconsistently practicing vegan – who says he reversed his diabetes and lost a substantial amount of weight by improving his diet – conceded that there is room for improvement.

Mayor Eric Adams insisted that students would get accustomed to the more nutritious options that he says are now being offered at public schools.
Instagram / @bsgelunch
Grilled cheese.
The food displayed on the @bsqelunch account is often fried or barebones dishes.
Instagram / @bsgelunch
Mayor Eric Adams conceded that there is room for improvement with the meals.
Instagram / @bsgelunch
Mayor Eric Adams placed the blame for the school lunch criticism on a few “loud” junk-food advocates.
Instagram / @bsgelunch

But he vowed not to be swayed by complaints into abandoning his efforts to reduce junk food from pupils’ diets.

“Is it 100% what we want? No. But will we get to 100% what we want? Yes, ”said the salubrious former state senator.

“This is a medically proven fact that we are feeding our health-care crisis,” he said. “It would be irresponsible for us to have that information and continue to do so.”

School kids tested before the City Council last week about the unsavory provisions.
NYC Council
One student recalled being served “stale waffles” and “barely cooked chicken nuggets.”
NYC Council

Adams – who speaks frequently about the benefits of plant-based and healthy eating – insisted that students have expressed to him that they appreciate eating veggies, and that it’s incumbent upon “responsible adults” to ensure kids aren’t being fed the types of calorically -dense processed, sweet and savory food they often prefer.

“There are children that will say I would rather have that pizza, I would rather have this. But we as responsible adults are supposed to say, we need to make sure we have that balance to give what’s good for you and it’s going to make you nutritionally strong and healthy. “

In May, The Post reported on a student-run Instagram account that characterized one meal served at Baccalaureate School for Global Education in Queens as “slathered diarrhea all over my plate.”

The food displayed on the account is often fried or barebones dishes – not the nutrient-filled greens Adams says schools are increasingly offering.

Adams, who has scheduled plant-based menus in city public schools, backed off a proposal to ban chocolate milk from them following backlash.

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