Former NFL QB Michael Vick tells Jackson State football team to ‘be great’ and ‘enjoy the ride’

It’s no secret that Jackson State football coach Deion Sanders knows a lot of athletes. On Saturday, while his team was holding a pregame walk-through in Miami Gardens, Florida, before playing Florida A&M the next day, Michael Vick, one of the fastest quarterbacks to play in the NFL, showed up.

Sanders and Vic are friends and spend time talking at JSU’s practice. At the end of practice, Sanders called the team in and made them circle before introducing Vick.

“There was no one before him,” Sanders said, “and there will never be another like him.”

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Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick watches a game between the Atlanta Legends and Birmingham Irons 2019 at Georgia State Stadium.

Vick said he was talking to Sanders about this year’s team and what it really means for everyone involved, the coaches and players, and even the cameramen. He said that he saw that everyone was proud of everything.

“Make sure you all hydrate – it’s really hot – and tomorrow (Sunday) is going to be a really intense game,” Vick said. “There have been studies that show that the team that is most hydrated is probably the best performer.”

Vick said that staying hydrated will enable the Tigers to make good decisions and not lapse into decisions. He told the players that their mind would be sharp and the game would become easier for them.

“The opportunities are here,” Vic said. “I remember my son’s age and your age and going through this process. Not only dreaming of taking it to the next level but winning the next game. Being great in the next moment, even if I made a mistake, I thought I could do the next play. I was not going to miss my chance to be great in the next moment.”

Jackson State won 59–3.

Vick said that football is all about consistency, which can take repeated performances and make it easier. He said that once an athlete gets to the point where the game is easier for them, they can dominate and roll.

Vick said what Sanders is doing now is taking HBCU and the game to another level.

“Words Coach Prime gave to me and my son,” Vick said. “I can only imagine what you’re getting into on a day-to-day basis. You just soak up all of that. You know what it’s going to be equal to? Wins, championships, leadership, solidarity and brotherhood. That’s what it’s all about. It’s a long-term sport. Make sure you do everything you can to be in that No. 1 spot and at the end of the season. Enjoy the ride.”

This article was originally featured on the Mississippi Clarion Ledger: Michael Vick Addresses the Jackson State Football Team Before a FAMU Game

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