Fairview Fire continues ‘burning in all directions on all flanks,’ scorching more than 9,000 acres, fire chief says

The fire, which has spread to 9,846 acres and contained 5%, has also shown no signs of slowing down.

“The fires are burning in all directions, in all directions,” Cal Fire Chief Josh Janssen said during a news conference Wednesday morning.

“Due to the fire’s footprint, the fire was rapidly moving toward federal lands and it was decided to integrate with our federal allies so that we can collectively make decisions that are right for both the public and citizens of the region, Jansen said.

This fast-growing fire comes as California and several West Coast states come under a brutal heat wave that is setting record high temperatures, fueling devastating wildfires and threatening rolling power shutoffs in California. has been The heat wave could last even longer due to the effects of a stronger hurricane off Mexico’s Pacific coast.

Circuit activity occurred “close to the time” when the deadly Fairview fire began, Southern California Edison said in a filing Monday, but the company said it “is not admitting that its equipment caused the wildfire.”

Another document filed in coordination with the report said the purpose of the notification is to notify the California Public Utilities Commission of the incident so that the agency can investigate.

As a result of the Fairview Fire, Riverside County declared a local emergency. According to the county’s website, the declaration must go before the board of supervisors within seven days for it to be officially ratified. The next meeting of the board is on Tuesday.

The county’s website said, “Emergency proclamations can help the county qualify for potential federal and state aid and cost reimbursement. In addition, the proclamation allows the county to more easily provide services and goods needed to respond to emergencies.” permits to purchase.

Smoke rises in a pyrocumulus cloud as firefighters battle a wildfire along Bautista Canyon Road during the Fairview Fire in San Bernardino National Forest near Hemet, California, September 7, 2022.

The fire has also left evacuation orders and warnings in effect. Schools in the Hemet Unified School District have been closed until further notice.

Two people were killed in the rapidly growing Fairview Fire, which spread rapidly over dry vegetation. Sergeant Brandy Swan of the California Highway Patrol said Wednesday that the two men were family members.

“It appeared as if the two victims in the vehicle were trying to escape from the fire,” Swann said. He said the victims could not be identified.

He said a third woman, who is also a relative of the other victims, was found outside the vehicle.

“She has suffered some major injuries and is recovering in the hospital,” Swann said. “Always when there is a loss, we always feel it. It hurts to think that the fire spread so fast that they couldn’t get out.”

CNN’s Nooran Salahih, Rachel Ramirez and Dakin Andone contributed to this report.

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