Ex-Sooner teammates Baker Mayfield and CeeDee Lamb not thriving as No. 1s in the NFL

Former Oklahoma teammates, quarterbacks Baker Mayfield and CD Lamb, have found success in the NFL more difficult to defend than the Big 12 in the NFL.

Former Oklahoma teammates, quarterbacks Baker Mayfield and CD Lamb, have found success in the NFL more difficult to defend than the Big 12 in the NFL.


College teammates in Oklahoma who entered the NFL amid projections of greatness, Baker Mayfield and CD Lamb now share another characteristic.

They were both speculated to be the elite No. 1 player, but could just be the No. 2.

(Sorry, the bathroom spontaneity was unintentional.)

Mayfield was the first overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft by the Cleveland Browns and, predictably, he was bombed.

The Browns wanted to get rid of Mayfield so badly that they traded it for a man who was under scrutiny amid dozens of sexual assault claims from former Houston quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Mayfield is now with the Carolina Panthers, trying to salvage his career as a legal starting NFL quarterback, while also saving the position of head coach Matt Roulette with that franchise.

In the 2020 NFL Draft, Lamb moved up to 17th place overall, where he was caught by first-year coach Mike McCarthy and the Cowboys. He could not believe his luck.

Lamb was offered as a top 10 selection by most of the mock draft boards. CeeDee Lamb seemed to be a celebrity No. 1 receiver, much like Cincinnati’s Jammer Chase, Minnesota’s Justin Jefferson or Tampa’s Mike Evans.

Maybe Amari Cooper of Cleveland.

To this day, it’s the stuff of fantasy football, not real football.

Now in his third NFL season, there are concerns with the Cowboys that perhaps there was a reason Lamb fell to No. 17.

We’re looking at a wide receiver version of Baker Mayfield; An ex-hurry who is a good pro, but not a great one.

1 receiver in Lamb’s first game as the Cowboys’ No. 1 receiver in the season opener against Tampa Bay, Lamb was a…cough-cough, sounding like a lamb. He was targeted 11 times, and caught but two passes. For 29 yards.

Apart from the punter, place kicker and linebacker Micah Parsons, no one had a good game against Tampa.

Now with quarterback Dak Prescott ruled out for an extended period with an injury to his throwing arm, CeeDee Lamb must be the player the Cowboys believe he is or it will quickly look a lot worse.

Despite playing with a variety of quarterbacks in his rookie season, Lamb was excellent as he fooled several other teams into passing him in the first round of the draft.

Playing next to Cooper, Lamb took 74 catches for 935 yards and five touchdowns.

Last season, playing alongside Cooper, he took 79 catches for 1,102 yards and six touchdowns.

What the Cowboys saw from Lamb to start the 2022 season is a continuation of the second half of his 2021 season.

In those last nine games of the previous season, including the playoffs, his output dropped. He was inactive for Week 12, a game against Las Vegas. In that stretch he averaged four receptions per game with no touchdowns.

In a playoff loss to the San Francisco 49ers, Lamb caught a pass for five yards.

1 wide receiver position after the Cowboys traded Cooper to Cleveland, which in turn effectively amounted to a pile of coupons.

Cowboys employees did not like Cooper, but used his guaranteed $20 million salary as a reason for leaving him.

Whatever his flaws were, he is a brilliant root runner who has commanded two defenders on most passing plays. That too in the prime years of his career.

His ability to command a double team, or at least an opponent’s best defensive back, opened a lot of alleys for CD Lamb.

Lamb is now getting the “Cooper Treatment” from other teams.

CeeDee Lamb isn’t the route runner that Amari Cooper is.

CeeDee Lamb has shown to be a good NFL receiver, but he has never shown that he can be No.

In today’s situation, CeeDee Lamb has much more in common with her college mate than she would like either.

Neither Lambs nor Mayfield’s respective scripts are finished.

Not that either a practice squad, or on the road, is headed any time soon, but the first first-round draft revealed that Norman accumulated all those yards, touchdowns, and wins much more than the Seahawks. are difficult. Jayhawk.

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