Eight figures who could shape 2022 fantasy football season: Will Josh Allen take Bills over the top?

With great games (both in fantasy and reality) come great expectations. You could argue that no team comes into the 2022 season with higher outside expectations than the Buffalo Bills. Buffalo has gotten so close to the Super Bowl over the years and clearly, it has No josh allen The mistake they were not in last season.

Nevertheless, he will be the major catalyst for this team’s hopes of winning the title. This team can add anyone they want but at the end of the day, they will be gone as soon as Allen is gone. At the peak of his career and one of the best quarterbacks on the planet, we should have complete confidence in the world for Allen.

Fantasy managers will also expect that Allen can carry a lot of weight on his shoulders.

Will Josh Allen Give Another Top-Cub Fantasy Season? (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

We know that Allen-to-Stephen Diggs The Connection is white-hot and the latter’s status as a fringe first-round fantasy draft pick shows it. Gabe Davis’ ADP fluctuates depending on your fantasy stage, but for the most part, we’re all leaping with it. isaiah mackenzie Ended the year in the draftable range and Dawson Knox One consensus is the top-10 tight end. And we didn’t even mention the backfield.

If all these players are going to hit their peak price in fantasy And The Bills are going to have a Super Bowl run… Allen needs to be special. I believe he can be. We have already seen him as that player.

He is my favorite pick for MVP this season.

Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Ramso

There’s always been some level of “Super Bowl hangover” concerns, especially with a team like the Rams that seemed to really Enjoy their post-game celebrations.

All jokes aside, Ram has the culture and experiential infrastructure to keep the train on the tracks. No one is expecting full-regression. Navigating some of the changing waters will just be a challenge. This roster is weak in some areas and the loss of big name players like Andrew Whitworth, Von Miller And Odell Beckham Leaves big shoes to fill. The Rams have few in-house options to step up and we can never discount them mid-season moves, but the reality is they wouldn’t have won the Super Bowl last year without those aforementioned guys.

This train is really the only way to derail if something goes wrong Matthew Stafford. There is a chance that this off-season he didn’t have the fretting on his elbows at all. This is not a new injury, Stafford has played with pain before and McVay is known for being a bit dramatic with his media reports. But if it’s a concern—no one can blame you if seeing a quarterback compared to an older pitcher bothers you—this Rams has a floor on the team that didn’t exist before.

We should not predict or expect doom for the rams. We really have no reason to be concerned about Stafford, who is coming off a great debut season with LA and could be even better at his encore, moving into Week 1. However, we’ll probably go up a bit and take a look at the brows fixed on him throughout the season.

Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans

While a handful of teams underwent an identity change this off-season, the Titans essentially doubled down on their Derrick Henry-focused identification.

Was the only other star-level talent in this offensive skill position group. AJ Brown. Brown was deported to Philadelphia; Henry was given a pay bump this off-season. Obviously, the two contract positions are not the same, but it all still indicates where the team is most comfortable devoting resources.

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Henry reached an interesting turning point in his career in 2022. she has endured a ton Mileage in recent years And the Titans didn’t do anything this offseason, indicating that they plan to take a rest. It was clear that the version of Henry we got when he returned from injury in last year’s playoffs was nothing close to peak form. If he gets back to the top level of his game and holds up throughout the year, the Titans attack will be in good shape. If not, the loss of the Browns will be felt even more because this passing game is not equipped to carry the team forward.

How Henry plays out this year will determine the fate of this AFC contender – and countless fantasy teams.

Christian McCaffrey, Carolina Panthers

I’m not sure the Panthers are going to be anything close to a competitor this year, but let’s be honest — either way, we’re all interested to see Christian McCaffrey play again.

For starters, any time superstar talent is going to make a comeback after a long layoff, I’m down to see. McCaffrey is such a unique player in the NFL, a real victory will only be able to bring him back and work at the height of his powers. We will always be afraid to see Lucy drag the football with her health but it would be incredible if she stayed there for the whole season. Not to mention, he would legitimately win the Fantasy League on his own.

McCaffrey will also play a big part in this baker mayfield Career-rehabilitation journey. CMC created Sam Darnolds Life was easier when he was out there last year. No doubt he will do the same for Mayfield. 1 overall pick getting a chance at a second act when her career opener didn’t really crash and burn, it must be a bigger story. If it’s going to end in success, McCaffrey, who leads the charge, will be helpful.

Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes would be the candidate of the easiest majors but Travis Kelsey Is the only pass-catcher on the Chiefs, who both projects to play a ton and has a history with the quarterback.

Kells has been one of the most dynamic players in the history of the league. That said, he is about to turn 33 this season and from the beginning to the end of last year was not as prolific as we are used to. With some receivers added this off-season, it’s worth thinking about how he will be positioned this year.

I could see Kelsey playing more of the X-receiver spot that he operated during the 2020 season as none of Kelsey’s receivers profile was a valid No. But if the Chiefs see MVS as their Speed ​​X-receiver and JuJu as their big slot, they may need to play a more traditional tight-and-snap.

Kells’ resume shows that he can play at any position with a receiver position. How he integrates into this new form of crime as it takes the next step in its identity transformation will go a long way in deciding how the transition goes.

Kyle Shanahan, San Francisco 49ers

all eyes will be Trey Lance But really, this season will be a referendum on Kyle Shanahan on whether or not he’s good.

I like the idea that Shanahan is defending by bringing back Jimmy Garoppolo The 49ers might be able to salvage this season with more experienced quarterbacks. News flash: If Lance is bad, he comes back to Shanahan. If he feels the need to defend, he has already lost the war.

San Francisco 49ers Trey Lance #5 and head coach Kyle Shanahano

Will Kyle Shanahan be able to do better than Trey Lance? (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)

Lance must out the bottom and prove Big An investment made with Shanahan’s blessings was a bad bet, the coach cannot avoid such a failure. It also accompanies some fairy tale where Garoppolo comes back there and stabilizes the ship.

So all eyes will be on Shanahan, even as we watch the Lance experiment come into play. Personally, I’d still like to believe that the shrewd coach will have an entirely new and fascinating offense around Lance rolling out in Week 1 that blows away most former supervillains. We saw a similar story playing out with Shanahan and a rookie Varsha Robert Griffin III years ago in Washington.

Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens

The status of Jackson’s contract will take Oxygen alone, given that a deal is unlikely to be hit before 1 week. Jackson had tough deadlines to negotiate before he was paused during the season.

His on-field game should also be a fascinating story to watch. It seems we’ve forgotten what a dynamic force Jackson is as a player. When he is surrounded by good players, he can lead the offense as a double threat. He is one of the best pure runners in the league.

if you are one Rashod Bateman A believer as I am, you too feel confident to say that Jackson is tied to the best receiving pair he has ever had in the NFL. Bateman’s ability as a pure X-receiver who can open up to all levels is a dimension this crime hasn’t seen in years.

If he hits, Jackson is going to have his best season since winning MVP.

Brandon Staley, Los Angeles Chargers

We have no reason to suspect the Chargers’ guilt. You can pick nits on their correct tackle positions or their lack of deep speed at wide receivers but the offense should be in the top five in the league without much stretch. Justin Herbert MVP can win, thanks austin And the boys can bring home fantasy titles; There’s no doubt.

only with questions How good This team can be holistic and for me, that comes down to the head coach. Brandon Staley’s specialty is on defense and he was the deadweight unit in LA last year. Staley’s defense brand took the league by storm in 2020, but he didn’t have the people necessary to run the unit in Year 1 with the Chargers.

After an off-season overhaul, that’s no excuse now.

Staley’s progressive brand of GameDay management will also be under question if the Chargers look like they are not playing to their potential. It is too early to say that Staley is not ready for head coach and I am not suggesting that. But one will do poorly at the AFC West and if it ends as the Chargers, Staley may or may not qualify to take the bulk of the blame.

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