Did You Think There Wouldn’t Be Drama at the Queen’s Funeral?

Photo: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Here’s a fact: If you gather a group of members of the royal family in the same room, there will be drama. Or, at the very least, there will be little moments of tension that the tabloids will let go absolutely unnoticed. Monday was the Queen’s funeral, which meant hours of carefully planned royal protocol and nearly all members of the British monarchy gathered in close proximity, including our impressively younger new King. This gave us plenty of fodder for the potentially awkward moments we’ve described here.

In the week leading up to the funeral, there was tension in the tabloids about who would wear the military uniform at the many services honoring the Queen. Because Prince Harry lost his military titles when he and Meghan stepped down from their royal duties, the royal family’s dress code requires the royal family to attend military events (including state funerals). Have served in the armed forces to wear their uniform. apply for it. He was not in uniform at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations this summer and reportedly “come into terms” with what I imagine are more casual clothing for these events.

Then there’s Prince Andrew, whose alleged sex offenses have landed him in the same category as Harry – at least in terms of formal wear. Andrew was stripped of his military title for very different reasons: in January 2022, five months after Virginia Giuffre filed a lawsuit accusing Andrew of raping her while he was in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-trafficking ring. Was caught, Buckingham Palace announced that many of Andrew’s titles and duties would be revoked. Last week, news broke that Andrew would be allowed to wear his military uniform at an event, the Queen’s final vigil, on Saturday – leaving the palace. Wasn’t planning to make for Harry, The day before the guard, the palace changed your tune And gave the same exception to Harry.

Yet at Monday’s funeral, both Harry and Andrew wore suits instead of military uniforms, and neither were allowed to salute the Queen’s coffin with members of their family during the procession. In Harry’s case, the result was that he actually seemed significantly more respected than the rest of his family. Oops!

There was a lot of uproar over the seating arrangement for the funeral. For the state funeral service, all of the Queen’s children and their husbands sat in the front row: King Charles III and Camilla; Princess Anne and her husband, Sir Timothy Lawrence; Prince Edward and his wife, Sophie, Countess of Wessex; And, yes, Prince Andrew. Prince William and Princess Kate sat in the front row with their two children, George and Charlotte, as well as Princess Anne’s children, Peter Phillips and Zara Tindall, with Zara’s husband, Mike.

Of course, Harry and Meghan’s place in the second row was the subject of much chatter, although some have argued that their position – directly behind Charles and Camilla – was actually better. I’ve never given Church-Pew logistics that much thought.

The most notable absence was Prince Louis, the youngest son of Kate and William. Louis is 4 and arguably too young to sit through a lengthy funeral service – 3-year-old Archie and 1-year-old Lillibet, children of Harry and Meghan, weren’t even in attendance. However, one conspiracy theory that I fully believe is that Louis was left out because of his special talent for creating the most expressive faces known to man. Maybe he was worried that this royal star would make it to the main event?

Some exciting guests of honor were still present. Sandra Oh was there, possibly to reintroduce her famous delivery of the line, “The Queen is Coming.” Two of the Queen’s final bodies, now under the care of Prince Andrew and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, were in attendance and looked appropriately dazzling. Queen’s horse Emma also came to see the procession.

Of course, this isn’t a gathering of British monarchs without some controversial world leaders. Authoritarian Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro showed, as representatives of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman showed, that the CIA was responsible for the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018.

Despite elaborate security measures, a spider was seen crawling on an envelope above the queen’s coffin, which “Page Six” fixed as a “stowaway from the royal garden”. In the words of an icon, a legend, and a twitter user“The luckiest spider in the world.”

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the religious head of the Church of England, has been accused of throwing shadows at Harry and Meghan during their funeral. According to some people on twitter“Those who cling to power and privileges are long forgotten,” Welby said, pointing to the couple. Make of that what you will.

Of course, with so much news coverage of the day’s events, there were bound to be some glitches. At first, two news anchors failed to recognize the new British prime minister, Liz Truss, dubbing her and her husband “minor royals” as they arrived at the funeral.

A different reporter covering the funeral knew little very So much about who was in attendance. Royal expert Dickie Arbiter clearly felt the arrival of Prince Andrew’s ex-wife was a good time to bring to the fore a decades-old scandal that involved leaked photos of her financial advisor sucking her toes. The arbiter insisted that Andrew’s father, the late Prince Philip, “never forgave” him, I think, for being photographed sucking his toes. But was he less troubled by Andrew’s own crimes?

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