Dahan: Raakan Ka Rahasya Review: Tisca Chopra Series is Laughably Odd

Combustion: Rakan’s Secret: is a mystery TV series directed by Vikrant Pawar and stars Tisca Chopra, Rajesh Tailang, Mukesh Tiwari, Saurabh Shukla and Ankur Nayyar among others. The series consists of 9 episodes, each with a runtime of approximately 45–50 minutes.

Hotstar describes the series as follows:

A disgraced IAS officer sets out to prove himself right and takes up a strange case in Shilaspura, a land of secret practices.

– Combustion: Secret of Raken review does not include spoilers –

combustionThe first episode itself will test your patience. Whether or not the next 8 episodes are full of action/mystery, the first episode is all about exposition rich and drags the runtime so badly that you’ll lose interest mid-watch. However, Tisca Chopra will surely inspire you to watch the show after these dragging episodes, especially when she visits Shilaspura.

Shikaspura itself isn’t that interesting, but the creators have made it so mysterious and spooky that you can’t look away from it. Add to that the very spooky background score, and you have a solid environment you can’t look away from. Village is a very interesting character in this show, and man, does it not disappoint, especially with all its different aspects coming together.

Tisca Chopra’s Avani Raut has revealed her own secrets. From the first minute, we are given glimpses that something has happened to her and that it is still troubling her. Is there something supernatural, or is Avni not mentally well? This is a question that you constantly ask yourself as Avni crosses one obstacle after another.

The rivalry between Avni and Pramukh Swaroop (Saurabh Shukla) is delicious to watch, and the fight between the old and the new is great. Avni is tasked with bringing development to the small village, which Swarup is actively trying to stop. No one has any idea who will win in this fight and you will know this only till the end of the show. But before that, you see that everyone is shady and does things that make your eyebrows go up.

Having said that, combustion It doesn’t do him any favors with the way he presents his characters. Neither of them are good or have the maturity to understand the nuances of the situation. They all constantly shout and shout what they want and ‘develop’ without really seeing what people want or the consequences of these hasty decisions.

At one point, you even feel that Avni is extremely cuddly and controlling – she doesn’t listen to others and doesn’t believe in respecting the opinions and needs of others. We see it first in the little things, and then it spreads to the bigger things in his life. It’s interesting how she doesn’t care about the results at first, but then, like everyone else, she feels like it’s barely biting her back on her afterwards.

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Combustion: Rakan's Secret:

apart from this, combustionThe set pieces are just that bad. The scary elements, including the backdrop, look out of place (which may remind one of these) dark And Indiana Jones) and people suffering from the supernatural. Everyone constantly talks about the ‘curse’ which bothers them and which is not possible, and it is very tiring to see them saying the same thing over and over again.

The tropes are clear too—there’s nothing new or unique about the show, right down to tropophobia-inducing hell. Magic, Honestly, other than the creepy atmosphere and (expected) increasingly shocking stuff, the series doesn’t have many scary elements to scare you, even if it’s a horror/mystery show.

If anything, I was left a little confused (and not in a good way) and dissatisfied with the horror, and some of the scenes are so funny it’s funny. Victims behave like zombies world War Z (or any zombie movie, honestly), and you’ll still be confused about what’s going on after a while. The series, if not for anything, is downright horrifying to watch because of those hideous groups of people on their faces; This is a great danger.

Everyone is absolutely brutal except for the acting of the primary characters. As I mentioned earlier, Tisca Chopra is the show’s only saving grace. Saurabh Shukla is also great with him, as well as Rajesh Tailang, Mukesh Tiwari and Pankaj Sharma. The other actors are either terrible, or their characters are so annoying that you can’t like them.

Summary: Combustion: Secret of Rakan:

Combustion: Rakan's Secret:

combustion A totally forgettable show that is neither creepy nor completely engaging from start to finish. There are some creepy moments, and there is much more to the story than what we are shown. However, it does not leave any trace of any kind.

Combustion: Rakan’s Secret: Streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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