Cowboys waive WR camp star, here’s what it could mean

The Dallas Cowboys swore they got a diamond in the rough at Western Illinois UDFA Dennis Houston. QB Dak was enamored with Prescott wideout, saying he was always where he needed to be when the QB was ready to target him. He was such a revelation that he became one of a handful of UDFA men to kick the club out of camp. Even more to his credit, Houston was active on the 48-man game-day roster, ahead of third-round pick Jalen Tolbert.

Unfortunately, once the games mattered, the results didn’t. Houston saw five goals in Week 1, catching two of them for 16 yards. He was on 39 offensive snaps. In the second week, he only viewed 21 photos and received only one goal, which failed to register reception. Before week 3, his NFL dreams had to hit the pause button for a while. Dallas pardoned the rookie on Tuesday.

what’s next for houston

The waiver means that any NFL club has the right to choose its rookie contract and place it on its 53-man roster. If Houston approves the waiver, the Cowboys will sign a practice-team contract to try to continue working and developing with the club.

A team would have to make a serious commitment to adding a young player to their roster, but strange things have happened. Fifth-round rookie DT John Ridgeway was signed by Washington after being discounted last weekend, but at least there, Dallas snatched him before 70+ other selections were made. Several teams claimed the former Razorback.

But no one used the pick on Houston and they actually had to catch the eye of a team in preseason to persuade them to move away from someone who had initially moved that club to make a place for Houston. created.

What Prescott saw in Houston

Here’s one of many offseason quotes from the Cowboys QB on Houston:

“When you break the barrier he’s lining up in the right place, no matter what position he’s in. It springs back, every time he’s firing the ball, routes at the right depth. He’s looking good. He’s where I expect him to be in every play and he’s coming back and asking about things, communicating about things.” 8-4-22

Jalen Tolbert. what this could mean for


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On the surface it appears that Tolbert will be the biggest beneficiary. He has been inactive for the first two games of the season. Over the past few weeks, brass has shut down its messaging, pointing to two main reasons. One, he put a lot on Tolbert’s plate to start his career. Excited by what he saw at the rookie minicamp, he decided to try and learn all three broad positions to Tolbert.

It probably wasn’t the wisest idea for someone transitioning from a lower level of competition, as Tolbert played in South Alabama.

Another reason was that he suffered a hamstring injury which set him back a bit over the summer.

Combined, the injury as well as the heavy workload in the learning department has been credited with robbing Tolbert of the special teams work required to contribute as a depth receiver.

Houston’s release could mean that Tolbert improved enough to warrant snaps in a game.

what could it mean

There is also a possibility that the brass is rolling out an option for the coaching staff. A third-round pick was invested in Tolbert and if Houston is keeping him from getting the action and experience of the game but not contributing to the offense in any meaningful way, maybe a little bit of a leg-up here. running down.

What this could mean for Tolbert without any idea


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The second option, and perhaps more likely, is that Dallas A) requires room on the 53-man roster to activate a player on the practice team. Guess that man could be Jason Peters, as Matt Farniok continues to struggle on the left guard.

Bringing Peters into the big club to start with a left tackle could move Tyler Smith back to guard and potentially give Dallas their best-of-five (available) lineup.


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It could also mean the club is set to activate WR Michael Gallup on game day. Gallup has been out since January’s ACL tear and has been ramping up its activity in recent weeks. If he’s ready to go, those Snaps will definitely go to him as Dallas is looking for a third receiver to work with CD Lamb and Noah Brown.

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