STATEN ISLAND, NY – Whether you drive to work, take the bus or train, ride the ferry, or any combination of the bunch, one thing remains true. Commuting for Staten Islanders is a costly endeavor.

Obviously, there’s the financial cost.

If you’re driving to work, that means paying to fill your tank as gas prices skyrocket, paying tolls to cross the borough’s bridges and paying for routine vehicle maintenance due to the wear and tear of city driving.

For those taking public transit, the fares for the city’s buses and subways can pile up quickly, costing commuters hundreds each month, particularly for those using the borough’s express bus system.

But it’s not just money that Staten Islanders’ lengthy commutes are costing them.

There’s also the mental toll of spending multiple hours each day commuting back and forth, wasting precious hours that could otherwise be used to exercise, meal prep or simply spend more time with your loved ones.

With that in mind, the Staten Island Advance / will be examining the true cost of commuting for Staten Islanders, and we want to hear from you!

Paying hundreds to fill your tank each week? Monthly E-ZPass bill hurting your wallet? Tired of spending four hours a day on mass transit?

Whatever struggles you are enduring during your daily commute, we want to hear about it.

If you’re interested in sharing your stories, please email transportation reporter Erik Bascome at

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