Michael Chandler collected Tony Ferguson with one of the most extraordinary head kick KOs the UFC world has ever seen. Pic: Getty

Irishman Conor McGregor has answered a callout from Michael Chandler after the American delivered one of the greatest head kick KOs ever seento win his UFC 274 showdown against Tony Ferguson

Chandler knocked out Ferguson with a front kick to the face early in the second round of their lightweight bout at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

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The first round was wild, but it only set the tone for what was to come 17 seconds into the second round.

Ferguson raised his arm as if to throw a punch and Chandler hit him with a devastating front kick to the face.

Chandler looked like an NFL punter booting a football from his own end zone. It hit Ferguson on the chin and he was out instantly.

“I didn’t train it that much; it just happened, ”said Chandler, an exuberant in the Octagon after the fight.

“He’s so long, but he keeps his hands to the side and so there was a lane up the middle.”

Ferguson, who entered on a three-fight losing streak, was clearly the crowd favorite and brought fans out of their seats early on.

He hit Chandler with a right hand and followed it with a left that put his opponent down.

Chandler hopped up, but that was what set the tone for the first. They went at each other hard, and Chandler had a great finish to the first. He took Ferguson down hard and then landed some big shots from the top.

The crowd went wild as the fighters returned to their corners. Little did the fans know what was about to come. Chandler landed perhaps the greatest knockout kick in UFC history that nearly blew the roof off the Footprint Center.

UFC legend Daniel Cormier said: “That was crazy. That was one thing we have never seen before. No one has even knocked out Ferguson. “

“He’s out cold,” Joe Rogan added.

Conor McGregor answers Michael Chandler callout

Still on a high from the extraordinary knockout, a pumped-up Chandler then lay down the gauntlet for McGregor to fight him at lightweight.

“Conor McGregor, you have to come back and fight somebody,” Chandler said.

“I am the most entertaining lightweight on the planet, but I’ll up the stakes, Conor. I want you at your biggest. I want you at your worst and at your best. You and me at 170 this summer, this fall, this winter. Holla at your boy. ”

McGregor responded by admitting he was keen on the matchup – if not right now then “definitely” at some point.

Michael Chandler said after his epic KO that he wants to fight Conor McGregor at lightweight.  Pic: ESPN / Getty

Michael Chandler said after his epic KO that he wants to fight Conor McGregor at lightweight. Pic: ESPN / Getty

“I’d have a nice knock off this guy, no doubt about it,” McGregor wrote.

“A firework spectacle. I like the 170 shout also. Tipped him over. I’m definitely game to fight this guy at some stage in my career. I see it happening after tonight. Congrats on a solid win Michael and another barnstormer. “

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Conor McGregor responds after Michael Chandler KO stuns UFC

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