Colts can no longer blame just Carson Wentz for their underachieving

The Colts’ season ended a year earlier against the Jaguars. Publicly, the team escaped a brunt of criticism by presenting itself as a runaway buyer of Carson Wentz Inc. They didn’t shy away from perpetuating that legend as they entered their bunker to find another veteran hired quarterback. Personally, head coach Frank Reich spent the final day of the team asking the coach and players what he could personally do better to make sure it never happened again, perhaps knowing that it was just him. The quarterback had more than a problem.

If we thought Matt Ryan’s pivot was a panacea, we’re game two into a rude awakening in Indianapolis, where the Colts were strangled by the Jaguars in a game reduced to three Ryan interceptions. For the second week in a row, a Colts team that we universally considered to be the worst playoff contender has fared poorly against one of the worst teams in their division. As the fourth quarter began on Sunday, the Colts had less than 150 yards total and only six first downs. In a three-drive period during the first quarter, the Colts committed a one-yard offense. On one of his few legitimate whips in the end zone, Ryan was kicked to the ground in third, and was forced to spin out of pocket in fourth, batting hopelessly at the back line of the end zone. was doing.

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