Cedar Creek Fire evacuation area grows: Oakridge at Level 2, Conflagration Act declared, Hwy. 58 closed – KTVZ

(Update: Evacuation notice expanded; Hwy. 58 closed at Willamette Pass; Conflict Act declared)

OAKRIDGE, Ore. (KTVZ) — The still-increasing Cedar Creek Fire prompted a Level 2 pre-evacuation notice for a wider area Friday afternoon, including the declaration of a cease-fire act by Oakridge, Gov. ODOT led. of Oregon Highway 58 over Willamette Pass.

The ODOT said the highway was “closed for fire activity” between the eastern end of Oakridge at milepost 37 to Crescent Lake at milepost 70. Motorists were urged to take alternate routes, avoid the area, and watch out for first responders.

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office issued a Level 2 “B Set” evacuation notice for the Greater Oakridge, Westfir and High Prairie areas, both incorporated or rural.

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The evacuation map is here: https://lcgisorg.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=fffd5cd4131d40bc885331fe3c905283

Smoke rises in the sky in Oakridge; The stretch of Hwy. 58 Off (ODOT TripCheck)

Governor Kate Brown invokes the Emergency Conflict Act in response to the Cedar Creek fire

The Cedar Creek Fire is burning 33,100 acres in Lane and Deschutes counties
(PORTLAND, OR) — Governor Kate Brown invoked the Emergency Conflict Act this afternoon as a retroactive measure in response to the burning of the Cedar Creek fire in the National Forest east of the community of Oakridge in Lane County. This announcement allows the Office of State Fire Marshals (OSFM) to mobilize resources to support local fire agencies in Lane County to carry out their plan to protect lives, homes and critical infrastructure. The fire activity increased significantly due to the weather and as of Friday morning, 33,100 acres were estimated to have covered the fire. The Lane County Sheriff’s Office has issued evacuation orders for the areas around the fire.

Governor Brown said, “The Cedar Creek Fire accelerated toward Oregon communities this morning, and while the fire’s growth potential in the coming days is troubling, additional resources are needed to fight the fires and support the state’s response.” ” “It’s a good reminder that conditions can change quickly, and there is no limit to that fire. With forecasted weather conditions this week and many fires in wilderness areas near communities, it’s important for all Oregonians to be prepared. Follow all evacuation orders and continue to comply with local and statewide fire prevention regulations to keep our communities safe and our natural resources safe.”

In accordance with ORS 476.510-476.610, Governor Brown determined that the fire caused a danger to life, safety and property, and that the danger exceeded the fire fighting capabilities of local fire personnel and equipment. The governor’s announcement cleared the way for state fire marshals to mobilize firefighters and equipment to assist local resources battling the fire and support a coordinated response.

The Cedar Creek fire has been burning in the forest for a month. Local fire service agencies increased the workforce and made plans to protect life and structures in the surrounding communities. The Oregon State Fire Marshal is associated with the chief of the fire defense board to determine fire response requirements. This announcement clears the way for additional resources to support local fire service agencies. OSFM will continuously assess response needs with forecasted weather and fire conditions and will bring in additional task forces through the Oregon Fire Mutual Aid System (OFMAS).

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Earlier on Friday, Deschutes National Forest expanded the temporary emergency shutdown area implemented as a result of increased fire activity on the Cedar Creek Fire, which now tops 33,000 acres.

The Cedar Creek Fire is currently burning approximately 20 miles west of La Pine. For the safety of the public and firefighters, the Bend-Fort Rock and Crescent Ranger District on Deschutes National Forest is temporarily closing all Forest Service-managed roads, trailheads, and trails within the Cedar Creek Fire Closure (#06-01-22). will shut down. -03) Area (see attached map). It will remain in place till the closure is cancelled.

The following are temporarily closed under the Cedar Creek Fire Closure Order (Closure #06-01-22-03) –

Trailheads –

• Blue Lagoon Trailhead

• Charlton Lake Trailhead

• Coral Swamp Trailhead

• Deer Lake Trailhead

• Elk Lake Trailhead

• Irish and Taylor Trailhead

• Lemish Lake Trailhead

• Lucky Lake Trailhead

• Many Lakes Trailhead

• Moore Creek Trailhead

• Sisters-Mirror Lake Trailhead

• Six Lakes Trailhead

• Winopee Lake Trailhead

Campground and recreation site —

• Big Cove Boat-In Campground

• Brown Crossing Wildlife Viewing

• Brown Mountain Boating

• Cow Meadow Campground

• Crane Prairie Campground and Daily Use Area

• Cultus Coral Horse Camp

• Cultus Lake Campground and Daily Use Area

• Cultus Lake Picnic Area

• Deschutes Bridge

• Lava Lake Campground and Daily Use Area

• Little Cove Boat-In Campground

• Little Cultus Campground and Boat Ramp

• Little Lava Lake Campground and Daily Use Area

• Mile Camp Day Use

• North Davis Creek Campground and Boat Ramp

• Osprey Point Interpretive Trail

• Quinn River Campground and Day Use

• Rock Creek Campground and Day Use

• West Cultus Boat-In Campground

This closure specifically closes the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) from Highway 58 north to the intersection with Wickip Plains Trail #12.2. Long-distance hikers can rejoin the PCT at the Devil’s Lake/Vicke Plains Trailhead. For current information about closures, visit pcta.org.

The Cedar Creek fire was caused by a lightning strike reported on August 1 and is burning over the Willamette and Deschutes National Forests. The fire now covers 33,099 acres and 12% has been brought under control. The fire is currently being managed by Northwest Incident Management Team 6 on the west side and Alaska Interagency Incident Management Team 1 on the east side. For information about the Cedar Creek Fire, please visit https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/8307/.

Cedar Creek Fire Update – August 9, 2022

Shape: 33,099 acres

Implied: 12%

start date: 1st August 2022

place: 15 miles east of Oakridge, OR

cause: lightning

total personnel: 862

Resource:27 Engine

15 teams

31 Heavy Equipment

7 Helicopters

2 scoopers

Lane Electric Cooperative will implement a public power safety shutoff Starting at 5 p.m. on Friday, September 9th through the evening of Sunday, September 11th. This outage will affect almost all members, with the city centers of Oakridge, Lowell and Veneta operating to provide key services. Call or visit 541-484-1151 Lane Electric for updates or changes.

present situation: Due to easterly winds, low humidity and high temperature, the fire will be active today. The highest activity will occur where lichens are present in the trees and there is a high concentration of wood below. Where the winds align with the slopes, the canopy of trees is prone to fire and fire. Scouting took place at high points last night to assess the extent of the fire but the smoke limited visibility. The fire started north up the Winchester Trail. Alaska Team 1 joins Northwest Team 6 to manage the eastern side of the fire. This has reduced key middle management personnel to the fire and allows firefighters less driving time on the east side of the fire.

Today’s Activities: With severe fire season expected today, operations leaders will continually assess fire escalation and focus on strategic placement of firefighters in anticipation of changing conditions throughout the day. Firefighters are working on a fireline connecting Forest Service Road 4290 from North Waldo Lake to Charlton Lake to prevent the fire from moving south. Firefighters on Forest Service Road 2421 will keep a watch on any spot fire and road fire. Crews are trying to extinguish the fire north of Winchester Trail, if it is safe to do so. Firefighters are also coordinating with representatives from the Middle Fork Ranger District and Lane County Oregon State Fire Marshals to provide initial attack support if any new fires begin.

weather: Red Flag Warning in effect from today until at least Saturday due to hot, dry and windy conditions. East wind speed is expected to be 15-25 with gusts of up to 50 mph on the bunds. The wind will blow in the valley after noon. Poor humidity levels overnight will allow for an extended burn window.

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