Brian Daboll’s earful shows new Daniel Jones Giants treatment: ‘Lit a fire’

It may have been Mike Kafka’s voice in Daniel Jones’ ears to call the plays, but it was Brian Dabol who delivered Jones as quickly after a costly interception last Sunday in Nashville.

The Giants’ head coach was caught by television cameras animatedly scolding Jones on the bench after the quarterback threw up a scoring opportunity when the Giants trailed the Titans by seven points in the fourth quarter.

“He lit fire under Daniels and then we came back in the second half, putting together a brilliant 12-play drive to go down and win it,” said Kafka, the offensive coordinator, who sits in the coach’s box above the field. Yes, said. during the games. “Daniel had a lot to do with that drive. I think it was dominant in that regard.”

Daboll explained after the game that Jones told him that he saw a window for a back-shoulder throw to Saxon Barkley, to which Daboul replied: “That’s not what I saw, but you have the ball in your hands, so you’re leaving.” Get the ball back at some point. Let’s drive down and get it again.”

Brian Dabol, left, hugs Daniel Jones after the Giants’ victory over the Titans.

Kafka, who played quarterback in the NFL and was a passing-game coordinator for the Chiefs, understands the need for dialogue.

“Whatever happened, you want to resolve it immediately and then be able to communicate what we’re going to do next,” Kafka said. “I think there’s always a time and a place for that.”

Despite his struggles over the course of three seasons, Jones was rarely – often – publicly criticized by anyone in the organization. Dabol inadvertently signals that the child’s gloves are off.

“Everyone on the team is accountable to each other,” Kafka said. “We’ve always been like this from day one. I think we have to have tough conversations sometimes. Dubs do it in their own way which I think makes them special. That’s how dabs get the best out of players. Huh.”

WR Kadarius Toney (hamstring) was added to the injury report on Thursday. A hamstring injury sidelined him during the preseason, and he played seven snaps in the opener. Tony had previously queued for an individual drill on Thursday, but shrugged off to let two others go first and then the drill ended – perhaps a sign of his limits.

OL Devery Hamilton (ill) was added to the injury report and did not practice. CB Aaron Robinson (appendicitis), WR Van’Dell Robinson (knee), CB Nick McCloud (hamstring) also did not practice.

c John Feliciano (lower leg), olb Aziz Ozulari (calf), s Jason Pinnock (shoulder), olb Kevan Thibodaux (knee) and Tony were limited.

Richie James averaged 12.4 yards in five punt returns against the Titans. After the Giants cycled through myriad returnees for four seasons, James looked like a possible solution.

“I think we potentially have a good punt returning unit,” said special teams coordinator Thomas McGaughey, “and obviously it starts with the guy with the ball in his hands.”

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