Boil water advisory: Where to get water in West Baltimore

Boiling water advice is in effect for West Baltimore once E. coli bacteria are detected in the area’s water supply.

In addition to boiling water at home, residents can get water here.

The Public Works Department of the city will distribute water at three places from 11 am on Tuesday.

  • Harlem Park Elementary/Middle School, 1401 W Lafayette Ave.
  • Middle Branch Park, 3301 Waterview Ave.
  • Landsdowne Library, 500 Third Ave.

According to Mayor Brandon Scott, water will be available at the same three sites from Wednesday morning. Scott said in a news release that as of 6 p.m. Tuesday, 172,000 bottles of water had been distributed.

There will be a water buffalo tank at Lansdowne Library and Middle Branch Park locations. DPW will provide the jaggery. Residents and facilities in need of water are encouraged to bring their own containers. A maximum of 3 gallons will be distributed per household. Look here to see where the advice on boiling water applies.

Source: Baltimore City Public Works Department

Baltimore County residents can get water on Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Fire Station 5 at 4501 Washington Blvd. and Lansdowne Library in Halthorpe.

A precautionary boil water advisory was issued for southwest Baltimore County on Monday. The most recent water samples from DPW from that area were negative for E. coli and total coliform.

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Affected residents may also boil water. Let the water boil for one minute for the following:

  • drinking
  • brushing teeth
  • washing fruits and vegetables
  • baby food and formula preparation
  • ice making
  • water for pets

Residents should discard all recently made stored water, drinks and ice. Boiled water can be kept in a clean container with a lid.

Affected schools will provide hand sanitizer and use bottled water for drinking, according to a news report from Baltimore City Public Schools. Additionally, all meals for those schools will be prepared off-site.

In Baltimore City, water quality issues have affected schools in the Harlem Park neighborhood. Those schools are Furman Templeton Preparatory Academy, Harlem Park Elementary/Middle School, Blueford Drew Jameson STEM Academy West, Frederick Elementary School, Augusta Fels Savage Institute of Visual Arts and Career Academy.

Schools in the southwest region of Baltimore County are also taking precautions about water quality. According to a news release from Baltimore County Public Schools, the Department of Facility will provide bottled water and hand sanitizer to those schools. Affected schools are Arbutus Elementary, Arbutus Middle, Baltimore Highland Elementary, Catonsville Administration, Catonsville Center for Alternative Studies, Catonsville Elementary, Middle and High School, Chadwick Elementary, Dogwood Elementary, Edmondson Heights, Featherbed Lane Elementary, Halthorpe Elementary, Hillthorpe Elementary, Heb. Elementary, Johnnycake Elementary, Lansdowne Middle and High School, Maiden’s Choice Elementary, Meadowwood, Powton Elementary, Riley Elementary, Southwest Academy, Westchester Elementary, Western Tech, Weston Elementary, Windsor Mill Middle, Winfield Elementary, Woodbridge Elementary, Woodlawn Middle and High School and Woodmoor Elementary.

Drinking water or hand sanitizer may be delivered at the Wylie Funeral Home at 701 N. Mount St.

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