Big Brother 24’s Michael on ‘Dramatic’ Exit, Regrets in Kyle Situation

Hindsight 20/20. Michael Brunner watching your blazing exit elder brother 24 Thursday, September 8 during the double eviction.

The 28-year-old attorney was unanimously evicted after exercising a veto. He took the opportunity to call the closest ally brittany hoops, who sat on the block next to him, in his speech on the fight for his living, which came as a shock to him. Then, after reading the vote, he immediately without a hug and said goodbye.

Michael specifically states, “I would have regretted it if I didn’t do everything possible to stay.” us weekly About Britney being thrown under the bus, he said, “I’m not a hugger. I didn’t want to fake, ‘Oh, let’s all hug. Never mind.’ On my way out the door. And I wanted a little dramatic exit. I have a flair for the dramatic, what can I say? So I left without saying anything.”

Michael Brunner CBS

The Minnesota native was to be targeted as she won a total of nine contests throughout the season, tied with legend Janelle Pierzina, and even finished her 16 years with six veto victories in a single season. broke the record.

“I don’t regret winning those competitions,” Michael says of having a “comp beast” goal on his back. “I think at the beginning of the game, when you find yourself on the block, you’re in a position where you have to win. And then by the time I thought I didn’t have to win, I’ve already won five contests. That’s why I don’t necessarily regret winning them.”

Still, he admits, “I feel like I didn’t manage my threat level as much as I should have. I’d rather throw a contest and then go home anyway, rather than win too much from the game.” Would have been out. So when I would have won the game, I am happy that I am leaving the game with at least one record.”

Big Brother 24's Michael, Kyle regret the situation over 'dramatic' exit

Brittany Hoops and Michael Brunner. CBS

Last week, Michael came under fire (along with Britney) for blocking fellow houseguests’ racist comments Kyle Kappner Made until it was advantageous for their game to reveal them to the rest of the house guests.

“Everyone who is still in the house after hearing feedback about how they wish the information was handled, I’m sorry to say nothing sooner,” Michael tells WebMD. We, “I think whenever information comes into play, it always felt like it was being used to benefit me and advance me. Any information that comes into play, whatever it is People are always going to believe that there is a selfish interest out there.”

He adds, “I understand why people were skeptical about the timing. I finally tried to do what felt right to me. I knew I wanted to speak. If I had left the game and said nothing, I would have regretted it. That’s why I don’t regret speaking. I wish it was handled differently. ,

Big Brother 24's Michael, Kyle regret the situation over 'dramatic' exit

Michael Brunner CBS

As for who’s playing the best and worst game at the moment, Michael says, “I think Monte [Taylor] Probably the best game is playing. I think he did really well in managing his threat level, which I didn’t. And I think he will get a lot of respect from the jury if he makes it to the last two. I also think that Tailor [Hale]Playing a good game, but maybe I pass it on to Monte.”

He goes on to say, “As far as the worst game is concerned, you don’t make the last five by accident. I wouldn’t say anyone is playing a bad game. I think it’s time to make the last two. The hardest time for Britt is to win. I think people have looked at her game like she attacked me. I know she was strategic behind the scenes, but I guess if she’s in the last two she’s going to have a really tough time, unless she can pick it up here and get some wins and do some things on her own.. I think she’s going to have a tough time in front of a jury. Time will have to be faced.”

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