Biden student loan forgiveness program: Key dates, application info

The biting GOP pushback to President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness program has some wondering if the student debt deal ultimately could derail.

But advocates for student loan debt relief say they’re far less worried about Republican opposition than they are about the red tape. Will millions of borrowers be so confused or overwhelmed by the application process — which won’t begin until October — that they just sit back and do nothing?

“I am more concerned about borrowers being denied access to this vital relief because of bureaucratic hurdles than I am about legal challenges,” said Persis Yu, policy director and managing counsel for the advocacy group Student Borrower Protection Center.

It’s sad, she said, that people are threatening to use the courts for political gain — claiming that Biden has no authority to forgive the debt — and deny student loan borrowers what for many will be life changing relief. She’s expecting that any potential lawsuit is unlikely to prevail in court.

Well, maybe. We will see what happens. But my two cents anyway: There’s an opening now for debt relief and if you qualify, well, you better go for it.

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