As record numbers of migrants arrive in New York City, officials say they are examining their legal options | CNN


As a record-high number of migrants settled in New York City on Sunday, city officials are examining their legal options to respond to waves of asylum seekers, officials said.

According to two city officials, at least nine buses reached the city on Sunday, the highest number of buses recorded in a single day in this recent wave. At least 1,011 asylum seekers arrived in the city since Friday Sunday, according to a third city official.

The city may not be aware of additional migrants who have arrived in recent times.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams said on Monday that officials are assessing how they will respond to the influx of migrants, including examining legal options.

“Once we finalize how we will continue to fulfill our legal and ethical obligation, we are going to announce it. Until then, we are just letting people know what we are thinking. And how do we find creative ways to solve this man-made humanitarian crisis,” Adams said at an unrelated event.

Mayer pointed to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott as being partially responsible for the current situation.

“I think the governor of Texas and others are at fault for creating this man-made humanitarian crisis, that’s what I think,” he said.

According to data from the Texas Division of Emergency Management, Texas spends more than $12 million on immigrants settling in Washington and New York. Abbott’s office announced last week that as part of Government Abbott’s response to the Biden administration’s immigration policies, the state has settled more than 11,000 immigrants in New York City, Washington, D.C. and Chicago since August.

Adams said he has spoken with the mayor of El Paso and told him that New York City cannot accommodate so many asylum seekers. The mayor also said the city is in contact with Abbott’s office, adding that the Texas governor and his team are not open to communication.

CNN is reaching out to Gov. Abbott’s office and the city of El Paso for comment.

Adams reiterated that New York City is still a sanctuary city, but stressed that it is unable to handle such a huge influx of migrants.

“We’re not telling anyone that New York City can accommodate every expat,” the mayor said Monday. “We are not encouraging people to send eight, nine buses in a day. That’s not what we’re doing. We are saying that as a sanctuary city with the right to shelter, we are going to fulfill that obligation. That’s what we’re doing.”

An asylum seeker died by suicide at a city shelter on Sunday, according to Adams, who said the woman was a mother.

The city was not able to provide details about the woman or her death, but Adams expressed that the death “really sheds light on how real this issue is.”

Our hearts break for this young woman and any of her loved ones, and we, as a city, mourn her. This tragedy is a reminder that we have an obligation to do everything in our power to help those in need,” the mayor said in a statement issued by his office.

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