If we have to relive the Oscars with someone, we’re glad it’s Amber Ruffin. The comedian stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers on Monday to recap this year’s Academy Awards and, honestly, she deserves an award just for taking that task on. Ruffin started by reviewing some of the notable moments from the first part of the ceremony. “And then,” she said, “here’s a sentence we will say for the rest of our lives: Will Smith slapped Chris Rock. And life as we know it changed forever. ” Appropriately, the lights dimmed to cast the background in dramatic shadow as she began discussing the moment that has undoubtedly overshadowed this year’s Oscars coverage. Ruffin took us through her emotions – hope, sadness, and shock. She said her sister called her, and they screamed together over the phone. “We tried to stay engaged, but there was no more show after that,” she said. “There was no more anything.” Ruffin concluded her dramatic monologue by describing how she held her breath during Smith’s acceptance speech and found herself scrolling through Twitter for takes after the live telecast ended. “While I felt like I had seen something horrible and private that made me feel great shame, I found out everyone in America felt the same way I did,” she said. “And that, my friends, is the magic of the Oscars!” See, wouldn’t it have been nice if the Oscars had relieved all that tension by cracking some jokes?

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