Academy Admits Oscar Show Needs To Be “Reinvigorated”, Sets Eight-Point Plan In Motion At AMPAS Membership Meeting

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Bill Kramer, the new CEO of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, clearly acknowledged that some improvements need to be made to the annual Oscar show and process, and speaking at the AMPAS membership meeting held in person at the Academy on Saturday morning, he promised to address. Museums in Los Angeles as well as virtually for members around the world.

“Clearly the show needs to be revitalized and we at Disney-ABC are working hard to work with our great partners,” Kramer told members. That list includes, as Deadline just announced, the christening of veteran live television and awards show producers to run the show, Glenn Weiss and Ricky Kirshner, who collectively contributed to their work including 21 Tony Award shows. Has won many Emmys.

Kramer and new AMPAS president Janet Yang stressed on moving the show to a position of “power, respect and importance”:

    • Hiring productive teams accountable to the Academy and building a dedicated team within the Academy focused solely on rewards
    • Determining how to honor all craft areas in the air
    • Focusing on love and reverence for the film
    • Making Emotional Investing in Nominees
    • Exploring the show’s expansion on streaming
    • Continuing the Dramatic Requirement for Eligibility
    • Making the Red Carpet an Event
    • Continuing to prioritize sustainability, access, inclusion and representation

Janet Yang Elected Movie Academy President

Janet Yango
Troy Harvey/AMPAS

As for that second point regarding honoring “all craft fields” in the air—a bone of contention that caused a lot of trouble at the 94th Oscars earlier this year, when the decision to present eight was made, we The less glamorous prizes for, say, a predominantly craft rolled into a pre-show and then edited and broadcast live – the pair made this promise: “Determining how to honor all the craft fields on the air; you A lot of us have written about this with questions and we’re hard pressed to work with our producers and Disney-ABC.”

I heard he had no intention of repeating that “experiment” as originally told to me by former CEO Don Hudson and former chairman David Rubin (both of which left the door open for further change in the future), but In today’s meeting he did not promise to go back completely to the way he has been in the past. The ratings for the 94th Oscars were up from the pandemic-hit 93rd show, but still ranks among the lowest rated Oscar shows, and it is expected that timely showing of craft category productions will not work. It was actually one of the longest Academy Awards ever, so stay tuned for further updates as plans for the 2023 show progress.

And as for the commitment to continue to drive the dramatic need for eligibility, sources have told Deadline that manufacturers are an area of ​​particular concern within the branch, and AMPAS is working in an effort to pursue that requirement.

bill crme

bill crme
Courtesy AMPAS

At the meeting, Yang reiterated the leadership’s commitment to the members. “We are a member-first organization; Members are our superpower, and we are prioritizing the needs of our academy members,” she said, confirming AMPAS now has 10,627 members worldwide (34% identify as women, 19% underrepresented). ethnic and racial communities, and 23% live outside the US). He said he would continue to make the latter group feel “connected” to the academy.

The two talked about their vision for the organization, and this includes engaging the global film community and membership to become a unifying force in the industry; Building a sustainable organization with a diverse base of support; Building enthusiasm for films in general; To celebrate and preserve the collaborative artistry of motion picture production; and helping to envision a new, inclusive and equitable future for the industry.

More specifically:

Support and diversify revenue and build a sustainable long-term budget that includes a new Office of Revenue and Business Development, which will, among other things, support the expansion of the Academy’s digital screening room, licensing possibilities, new sponsorships and other philanthropic fundraising. Will explore opportunities.

Finding new ways to engage with members, these group meetings are just one way

Advancing the understanding and preservation of cinema

Advancing Your Own Inclusion and Sustainability Initiative

To help develop a new generation of diverse filmmaking talent

Creating clarity and efficiency in the AMPAS organizational structure (something from the minute Kramer took office)

Development of the “Brand”

On the sometimes controversial “inclusion and sustainability” initiative mentioned above, Kramer and Yang listed its various aspects and clarified its position. “It has been a collaborative process with the industry and we have received extensive support from our partners – studios, distributors and filmmakers – which began even before the support standards were announced and continues to this day.”

Kramer also stated that “Our goal is not to disqualify any film, but to celebrate and encourage our collective progress towards greater representation and inclusion in the industry. We want people to make the movies they want.” Given the tremendous effort of the industry, all the Best Picture nominees for the previous Oscars were qualified and met the standards.”

On the all-important continued efforts of film preservation, Yang said, “The Academy will deliver accessible and relevant museum exhibitions, screenings and events, as well as continue to grow and manage the Academy Collection – which has more than 13 million items in the collection.” Including posters, scripts, photographs, films, costumes, cameras, props, and much more. The world turns to us to learn about the history and heritage of our treasured art form – the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as it We have a responsibility and a duty.”

Later today, the Academy Museum will host an event promoted by Native American members of the Academy and offer a long-standing apology for its treatment of Sachen Littlefeather, the Native American who delivered a speech at the 1973 Oscars for turning down best of Marlon Brando. were present for. actor for oscar Saint, Both Yang and Kramer will be among the speakers at the event, clearly an example of the Academy’s move towards all races, and perhaps an acknowledgment of mistakes in the past.

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