“Aaron Rodgers Too Much Ayahuasca…”: Tom Brady’s Former Teammate Slams Packers QB for Rough Start to the Season

The first week of the 2022 season was a good one for many teams. However, quarterbacks such as Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford and Derek Carr suffered terrible losses, although fans set high hopes in the season opener. Former Patriot Julian Edelman reveals the exact reasons why everything went wrong for him.

Preseasons are held as practice games for franchises going into the regular season. While many find it annoying and unnecessary as most of the time players get injured, which hampers their aspirations throughout the year.


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As a result, athletes, especially the starting quarterback, stay off the field and appear directly in the season opener. However, this attitude has proved costly for the Packers.

According to the former Patriots wideout, Precision Signal informs callers of reality. “Precision matters a lot more than what we actually think,” Edelman said in a show before listing the players who had not played in the preseason.

“Quarterback who didn’t play for eight in preseason three who didn’t play. Aaron Rodgers has way too much ayahuasca, I guess it didn’t play in the off-season preseason. I don’t know what to say, that might trouble me “ Edelman made fun of the inclusion of Rams’ Matthew Stafford and Raiders’ Derek Carr in the list.

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He mentioned passersby such as Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen, who played at least one game in the preseason and, as always, did wonders on the field. In addition, Rodgers’ recent revelation about the use of psychedelics (ayahuasca) leads him to notice something unusual every time.

Aaron Rodgers gives some justification for the loss


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The season opener turned out to be a nightmare for the Packers QB, who completely disappointed the fans with the carefree gameplay. First, the offending unit didn’t have the grip it takes. Already, the loss of Davante Adams created a huge void, and Alan Lazard’s absence made it all the more fragile.

Despite all these setbacks, Rodgers remained optimistic, saying the team scored more points against the Saints than in the 2021 season opener. “There’s a lot to be made when you compare the two. Look, it’s hard to win in this league, and it’s definitely tough when you go your own way at times.” Rogers said at a news conference.


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The Giants are playing in the 18th NFL season of their careers. He knows that his days are near. Hence it becomes an untold responsibility to kick off his career on a high note especially when he is not surrounded by great players in the league.

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