Aaron Rodgers Got Absolutely Roasted By The Onion

Aaron Rodgers will be in the Hall of Fame five years after he retires. It is no longer in question. He had fixed it a long time ago. This time, he is playing for money and has a chance to win another ring. However, the longer he stays in the league, the more he dislikes it. Not because of his performance on the field, mind you. It more than makes up for his increasingly precarious actions off the field. People are getting bigger and bigger of his true personality. Many do not find it attractive.

A distinctive feature are his conspiracy theory ideas. Rodgers was outspoken in his belief that vaccines for COVID-19 do not work. This is why he opted for alternative treatments that were not recognized as valid by the league. Rodgers took it as a personal insult, and his hard feelings surfaced again in January when he cast doubt on the 2020 presidential election results. He’s got a lot of public backlash for things like this. Yet no one would have described it better than onions.

Aaron Rodgers Onion

“Coming down his team’s 23-7 week-one loss to the Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers told reporters Friday that the poor start to the season was part of the normal ups and downs of a massive global conspiracy. “Look, things didn’t break our way last Sunday, but it’s the reality when you’re living in an unavoidable sense The shadowy cabal of entangled elites who decide before everything happens and control our movementssaid Rodgers, who attributed his own lackluster performance—without a touchdown and throwing an interception—to the routine difficulties of adjusting to a new season in a world where a surveillance system run by malevolent evil actors is constantly trying to interfere with your psyche. working for. Hold onto reality and leave you unable to process anything but fear.”

Aaron Rodgers didn’t actually say those things.

However, it’s not too hard to believe that he would. How far has he gone from there in all these years? Maybe it was always like this. Rodgers always felt like a unique man. His personality was not at odds with the usual elite quarterbacks at the top of the NFL. He couldn’t be more different than the funny, outspoken Brett Favre. No one can deny talent. The personality seems like one that will disappear into the woods at the end of his career.

Maybe the Chicago Bears can help speed along. Aaron Rodgers is coming off one of his worst regular season performances in a long time last week. Everyone expects him to return on Sunday night against a team he has dominated throughout his career. It would be fun to hear what his reactions might be if he loses. The thought of people as Rodgers is nearing retirement was already thunderous. Maybe a humble defeat on national TV will steer them in that direction.

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