2023 NFL Mock Draft: Bengals get Joe Burrow more offensive line help, four quarterbacks in top 10

Alabama • Junior • 6’4″ / 243 lbs

Anderson finds the Falcons a major defensive prospect in this class. No brainer here.

Ohio State • Junior • 6’6″ / 310 pounds

The Jets continue to build around Zach Wilson with a powerful and versatile blocker in Johnson.

Ohio State • Junior • 6’3″ / 218 pounds

Stroud is a dangerous pocket passer with a quality hand and quick processing abilities. Texans choose to upgrade here at Davis Mills.

Alabama • Junior • 6’0″ / 194 lbs

Young is Russell Wilson-esque with stellar chivalry and improvisation in a small frame.

Georgia • Junior • 6’3″ / 300 pounds

The Jaguars go with another former Georgia star to strengthen the middle of their defensive line.

Kentucky • Sr. • 6’3″ / 232 lbs

Lewis just feels like a future quarterback coached by Dan Campbell, doesn’t he?

Clemson • Junior • 6’5″ / 275 lbs

Not the greatest need for the Panthers, but Murphy is a highly athletic specimen in a premium condition.

Ohio State • Junior • 6’1″ / 200 pounds

The Bears find Justin Fields a young receiver in Smith-Njigba who was, at times, the best wideout at Ohio State in 2021.

FL • Sofa • 6’4″ / 232 lbs

Richardson is raw. But he has only started a few games. He’ll get better as the season progresses, and his skill set will lead to a meteoric rise during the draft season.

Georgia • Couch • 6’2″ / 210 lbs

The Commander joins some youngsters in his cornerback room with the older and super-talented Ringo.

Georgia • Sofa • 6’4″ / 310 lbs

The Steelers judiciously move to the offensive line to build up better protection for Kenny Pickett.

Notre Dame • Junior • 6’4″ / 265 pounds

The Patriots need more weapons for the passing game. Meyer isn’t a weird athlete, but runs terrifying routes and grabs everything.

Kansas State • Junior • 6’4″ / 255 lbs

Titans have to get better at the edge of their defensive line. Anudike-Uzomah is a high-motor, bendy rusher.

LSU • Junior • 6’0″ / 205 lbs

Boutte has WR1 Talents – YAC Ability, Way-walking Skill, Speed. Cowboys has to address the recently remodeled wide room.

Clemson • Sofa • 6’5″ / 305 lbs

The Cardinals essentially need to communicate talent at all three levels of their defense. Bracey moves into legitimate defensive tackle size like an oversized linebacker.

Army West Point • Senior • 6’7″ / 260 lbs

Carter is a tall, brutal, explosive torrent racer. The future in Philadelphia is a must.

Texas A&M • Junior • 6’3″ / 195 lbs

Raiders have to do better in the secondary. Johnson is built like a strong safety but moves like a nickel corner.

Stanford • Junior • 6’6″ / 230 pounds

Coming from the run-heavy offense at Stanford would be a smooth transition for Mackie, who has a talent for the dominant hand.

USC • Junior • 6’0″ / 175 lbs

The Texans watch the second arrival of Brandin Cooke with Edison.

Syracuse • Sofa • 6’0″ / 189 lbs

The Williams cornerback is a spirited, ball magnet on the spot. More playing talent for Miami secondary.

Northwest • Junior • 6’4″ / 315 pounds

No one will ever blame the Bengals for getting more reinforcements for Joe Burrow.

TCU • Junior • 6’4″ / 215 lbs

Johnson’s size is similar to Justin Jefferson, and anything remotely close to Jefferson would be attractive to Minnesota.

Georgia • Sofa • 6’5″ / 255 lbs

The Seahawks have long taken a liking to weird athletes, and that’s exactly what Gilbert is.

North Carolina • Junior • 5’10” / 175 lbs

How about some more arms on the receiver for Lamar Jackson?

Alabama • Junior • 6’2″ / 190 lbs

The Eagles don’t have age in their favor in the cornerback position, and the Ricks can learn a lot from James Bradberry and Darius Slay in their rookie seasons.

Penn State • Sof • 5’10” / 215 lbs

Bouncy with a thick lower half, Washington projects onto the receiver for the modern YAC specialist.

South Carolina • Junior • 6’0″ / 188 pounds

Smith is a tall, super-pesky, in-your-face cornerback destined for the first round. This is the type of player Campbell wants in Detroit.

Clemson • Junior • 6’3″ / 240 lbs

Simpson is tall, athletic, and super ranged with some quick-witted talent. Fun addition to this defense.

FL • Couch • 6’6″ / 312 pounds

Dexter is an incredibly powerful, versatile defensive line piece that would pair oddly with Chris Jones in Kansas City.

Miami (FL) • Couch • 6’4″ / 224 pounds

The Buccaneers have to accept a future on the quarterback spot and Van Dyke is a young, heavily armed passerby.

FL • Junior • 6’5″ / 347 pounds

The Bills make plans for the future on the interior of their offensive line with mashing guards from Florida.

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